Top 5 ICT Solution Providers in India

ICT, which stands for Information and communications technology, refers to the way information is accessed by way of telecommunication technologies. The main infrastructure is similar to that of IT, but it centres more on communication technologies. This technology facilitates effective and real-time interaction for businesses, non-profit organizations and others in the digital world. ICT helpsRead More

The Need for Custom Web Applications in the Healthcare Industry

In almost all the different industries, the necessity for more efficient management of the day-to-day activities as well as maintaining good customer relations is gaining prominence by every passing minute. Enterprises now need to gear up to make sure that they offer the best products and services to the customers, in order to ensure theirRead More

Benefits of School ERP Software Mobile app

  School ERP software is the latest technological development in the field of education. School ERP software provides solutions for- Attendance management Student and teacher management Examination management Assignment and homework management Office administration Human resource management and payroll Fee management Schools are now able to manage more efficiently, as most of the school’s activitiesRead More

Emerging Trends in IoT and Wearables 2019

IoT (Internet of things) and wearables incorporate technology which facilitates the ‘things’ to allocate, gather and distribute the required data over the internet or any network, without the need of manual assistance. These ‘things’ are physical objects with an embedded system, a unique identifier and the ability to transfer data over a network. Wearables andRead More

Top 10 Mobile Apps for Banking 2019

Banking transactions have been happening since time immemorial. Banks started off as established institutions which facilitated borrowing and lending of money, depositing money for a long-term or short-term period, transfer of money and all such related financial transactions. The evolution of banking with the emergence of technology Earlier people had to physically go to theRead More

Importance of Packaging When you are Selling Online

Online selling on the various e-commerce portals is thriving more and more by the day. Consumers are now moving towards online stores (e-commerce portals) to buy their choice of products. In fact, even brick-and-mortar shops are now selling their products online because of the newly increased customer base on online platforms. Consumers mainly get attractedRead More

How Does IoT and AI going to Transform The Factories

Fourth industrial revolution encourages the “smart workspace or smart factory”. To attain this, technical advancements like the internet of things, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, cyber-physical systems are incorporated with the existing system. IoT is the first feature to be implemented in the factory setups to collect the vast amount of data interconnected within the machinesRead More