Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning – The Scenarios

We all love Technology. We always wanted the Technology and Science to be so much developed that we can do whatever we imagine making us comfortable. The futuristic advancements were well in advance imagined and filmed in some science fiction movies. But, experiencing them now is one thing which we can’t be least excited about.


artificial intelligence and machine learning


The Artificial Intelligence(AI) and Machine Learning(ML) are interconnected and are not the one and the same. They are everywhere now. We are using it every time we get to our work when we are contacting someone through the internet or while shopping online.

Yes, what I just said is true. They are already in use, we didn’t get sufficient time to welcome them into our lives. The AI and ML are used in various fields which directly or indirectly helps us make our lives more sophisticated.

Guiding Us Through Our Commutes

Since some time earlier, Artificial Intelligence is already being used to help people commute better from one point to the other and to reduce the time wasted in travel. AI autopilot is used in commercial airlines. For your information, only seven minutes of Human steering is taking place during a flight of Boeing plane that too during the take-off and landing.

AI is being used by some smartphone applications to predict the traffic well in advance so that the users can take diversions rather than get stuck in the traffic. The Google maps also give a feedback about the upcoming traffic jams in our commute. When we use the ride-sharing applications like Uber, ML is used to calculate the fare for our ride. When a new rider joins the trip are chosen in such a way that a detour is avoided with the aid of ML.

Face recognition and filters in Social Media

Artificial Intelligence is extensively used in most of the Social Media applications. Facebook calls its Facial recognition to use Neural Networks. This suggests us to tag our friends and family in our pictures taking the sample from their own profiles. Facebook also uses this AI to tailor our newsfeed based on our likes and our interests. Yes, those annoying ads are also personalized based on our interests.

Pinterest uses computer vision to detect what is inside the image and to suggest similar posts to the users. Pinterest also uses the ML to prevent spams as well as for email marketing. Snapchat uses the ML to apply filters named, Lenses. These sense the facial changes and add animated filters which contain special effects as well as funny masks.

AIs from Intel

The saffron Artificial Intelligence developed by Intel will help the companies make decisions for the Quality and maintenance. They are very good that they use associative memory learning as well as reasoning to identify and process the structured as well as unstructured data. The Saffron AI has been designed in a way to help its human workers to better decide to get faster resolutions.

Intel’s AI is also helping Search Engine “Bing” to provide their customers with Intelligent Search every day.

Why Not Let Them Monitor our Servers?

Maintenance of a server is a hectic job. To test the efficiency of the AI, some genius minds have put to use the power of AI to take care of their servers. This was experimented by “BIZTALK360”, but unfortunately not the results are fully positive, and it has its own limitations.

There are certainly some advantages which can never be denied. AI can still be suggested because of its predictive analysis and notification in times of security vulnerabilities. AI has the capability to learn from the previous patterns, thereby responding according to the current situation.

Yep, don’t Forget Marketing!

Do you know that AI can generate content?? Oh, wait! I need to improve my writing skills badly. Yes, there will be a lesser need for a company to have a full-time writer. A program based on AI and named, “Word Smith” can generate content for the companies.

Content curation is one another positive thing which we can’t miss about using AI. This surely helps marketing as it tailors the contents based on the relevance to the customers.

AI and ML are being used by most of the companies in the present to improve their sales through dynamic pricing. It is also proved that they can help the firms to increase their customer satisfaction by a considerable amount.

Glorifying the Banking Industry

Banking is not an exception for the AI and ML to not print their footsteps on. With the introduction to Mobile check deposits in Banking sectors which uses our mobile phone cameras to scan the check so that it could be deposited without physically visiting the banks.

AIs are continuously taught about the fraudulent transactions, so that, upcoming fraudulent transactions could be figured out well in advance. Not only in this concern, ML could be used to generate the FICO score for an applicant which helps the banks in credit decisions.

Did you guess it? Yes, it is – Online purchases are also one of the areas where AI is being used. They are used to provide suggestions based on our recent purchases. AI is also used in our smartphones to help us do things. Our smart personal assistants start to learn us since the day when we gave life to them and help enjoy our life.

AI and ML are everywhere, and we should be aware of what it is capable of.  Not everything which is comfortable is good. As long as we have them under our control, we will have a wonderful living. As indicated by Alexa, “unless any future technology goes wrong, the earth is most likely to be there for several billion years’ time”. That was a sarcasm though.

The Machines are Raising!