Benefits of School ERP Software Mobile app

benefits of school erp mobile app


School ERP software is the latest technological development in the field of education. School ERP software provides solutions for-

  • Attendance management
  • Student and teacher management
  • Examination management
  • Assignment and homework management
  • Office administration
  • Human resource management and payroll
  • Fee management

Schools are now able to manage more efficiently, as most of the school’s activities become truly digitized and totally automated with the use of school ERP software. For example – In case of the f attendance management, as soon as the teacher takes the attendance of the students, it gets updated instantly on the portals of the students, parents and teachers.  This is the case for all the other functions which the school manages, using school erp software.

  • School ERP software mobile app – A new revolution in the field of education

A recent development in the field of education is the advent of School erp software ‘mobile app’, which has now made running schools even more effectively since information can be accessed by the respective users anytime and anywhere using mobile phones. The users of school ERP software just need to download the mobile app, which facilitates in performing the various functions of the schools at ease, without the need of a computer system.

  • Benefits of School ERP software mobile app

Mobile apps of School erp softwares are very simple and easy to use, provided that they are developed by the best mobile app development companies. Some of the benefits of school erp software mobile apps include –

  1. Bridging the communication gap

A school erp software mobile app bridges the communication gap between the student, teacher and parent, by way of sending and receiving timely information to each other without the need for their physical presence. The students can interact with the teacher by asking doubts relating to their subjects. The teachers can also quickly send any information like homework or assignment submission reminders, complaints about misbehaviour in the class, etc. to the students as well as parents.

  1. Upload documents quickly

The teachers can upload documents like subject notes, sample question papers, assignment questions and topics, scorecards, statistical subject-wise performance and other such documents with the help of a school erp mobile app. These documents can be easily accessed by the students on their mobiles, thereby ensuring timely transmission of class-related information.

  1. Attendance management

Teachers can easily take attendance of the class by using school erp mobile app. The teachers need to just select the class which they are handling and the entire list of students will be in front of the teacher. Then, they just have to click the present or absent option, which will be next to the name of the student. As soon as the attendance is taken, it gets automatically updated on the student, teacher as well as parent portal, where the respective users can view the attendance anytime.

  1. Instant notices and circulars

Notices and circulars about holidays and school events can be immediately sent to all the students and parents using the school erp mobile app. This is a very quick way of sending instant notifications to all the respective users of the app after school hours.

  1. Digital Study material

On the school erp mobile app, students can avail of interactive study material like subject-related games and videos. This will make studying even more interesting for the students, since they can do a very detailed revision of the subjects using these tools for learning on the app.

  1. Online payment

School erp mobile apps nowadays provide the facility of making fee payment by way of integrating the app with the various payment gateways. This helps in making fee payment much easier as compared to physically going to the school to do the payment.

  • How to get the best mobile app of school erp software?

A good school erp mobile app should be easy to use and must have a very nice user- interface. It must also be free from viruses and other cyber threats. Some of the best mobile application development companies will make sure that they take the necessary steps to build an efficient school erp mobile app. Schools should therefore, try to get the best school erp mobile app so that they run the institution in a digital, automated and paperless environment.