Unique Creations – The best IoT Application Development Company in India

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IoT expanded as Internet of Things, is the future wherein all the household components or appliances could be connected and controlled with the aid of the Computer Technology. IoT being the next big thing going in the IT sector, there are a lot of companies taking part in the IoT Application Development. Not everyone can develop an application for IoT. It requires certain qualities and resources to be able to provide IoT Solutions and Services to their customers.

There are a lot of IoT Application development companies in the raise these days through out the world. India is no exception for this. IoT Service providers are wide spread in India. Unique Creations Software (UCS) is one of the IoT solution and service provider based in Bangalore. Continue reading to know why UCS is the best IoT Application Development Company in India.


UCS is using most of the Amazon services like AWS Lambda, Amazon Kinesis, Amazon S3, Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon CloudWatch, Amazon Elastic Search Service and Amazon Machine Learning. These services help one to run code without managing servers, do analytics, in cloud storage, with database services, to monitor AWS services, search and analyze Big data, and to build Machine Learning modules as well as to generate predictions.

The AWS IoT makes the adoption of the Artificial Intelligence an easier task with the help of it’s cost friendly web based services specifically built for AI use cases. From the bigger Global 2000 companies to the start-ups, these services are being put to use.

The Amazon Lex is a Chatbot service which could respond to both texts as well as voice. The Amazon Alexa makes use of this Service.

The Amazon Rekognition is a recognition service which processes the images and videos and identifies the objects, people, texts, scenes and activities. These could be coded to identify any unsuitable contents as well.

The Amazon Polly APIs is a text to speech software which allows users to choose from the different voices and slangs available to read out the texts. The Amazon Polly could be used to download the audio file. This covers the most significant feature for any IOT system called the voice/sound capabilities.


UC-Track is our IoT solution, which we have designed and developed with the help of Amazon IoT services. Children and old parents are not at risk anymore. Our wearables linked to our cloud based software can track the position of the target and send notifications to the concerned person’s mobile. Boundaries could be set and trespassing this boundary will trigger a signal or a SMS to the cloud/mobile.

The IOT wearable devices constantly send signal to the cloud and the web application compares the location data with the prescribed area. In case of any mismatch or conflict, the SMS or notification is activated. This helps in monitoring the children or old people round the clock and keeping them in a safer surrounding.

The Right Partners

IOT is a combination of both software and hardware. Hardware should be given the same importance as that of the software. UCS being a software company, could possibly need a partner company to supply the required hardware to integrate with their software. This is a place where the company’s name in the IOT domain needs to be secured.  Providing unreliable or low-quality hardware components can damage the so far gained name in the market.

UCS needed to partner or gain an agreement with a hardware supplier or manufacturer. To be able to support the clients with the best possible solution in the IoT domain, UCS requires reliable and robust hardware which will be linked with the software.

UCS is in a good agreement with the best market hardware providers. This manages to provide the best results. The hardware like the sensors, wearable devices are tested and approved before being installed in the IOT system. Ensuring the proper functioning of the system, helps UCS stand ahead in terms of Service quality.


The AWS IOT itself is known for its best security. AWS IOT allows the devices to securely interact with the cloud applications as well as other connected devices. One other advantage of using IOT is that, irrespective of the number of devices and messages there is a possibility to process and pipeline the messages to the AWS endpoint and other devices in the most protected way. The AWS IOT provides Cyber Security for all its users and protects them from data losses as well as robbery.

UCS makes its customers as safe as houses. It provides the customers a provision to give granular permission. This helps making the devices and the applications safer. Applying policies with those permissions, let the customer give access only for the approved devices or applications.

Other Advantages of AWS IOT

To be a best IoT Application Development Company, the technology used by the company plays an important role. The AWS IOT has a few other minor advantages which pushes the firm which incorporates it in their solutions forward. The AWS IOT helps in Data analytics without any hassles. The data are processed and analyzed in the right way. The AWS IOT helps the user to store and show the latest state of any concerned device. This helps one to alter the way in which it is displayed when the device reconnects.

Final Words

UCS is one of the best IoT Solutions and Services located in Bangalore. UCS strives hard to provide its customers the best solution they possibly could in this newly booming IOT Domain. Currently focusing mainly on the UC-Track, UCS is looking forward to make its hands dirty by being open to new projects. The IOT team of UCS have already started updating themselves with the latest IOT technology. This helps UCS in placing themselves in the market front ahead of the competitions.