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Things are never quite as scary when you’ve got a best/good friend. What will be your reaction if I say, Unique Creations Software (UC) was started not by fulfilling the needed prerequisites to become a Cloud based IT company as the best managed IT service provider in Houston Texas, but turned out to be a startup because of the faith in people.

When our founder Mohamed Saliya had a requirement at hand, the only aim was to get it done as believed by his friend. Unique Creations wouldn’t be incorporated if there weren’t some friends to cling on to at critical decision-making situations or the ones who will always believe you both at good and bad points of time.

The Seed – To Be The Best Cloud Professional Service Provider

One will never think or be aware about the possibilities which are brought by some random friend which at a future part of time will be the reason to attain something big. We weren’t aware of the upcoming adventure we were about to face. It just looked like a normal day, until when we realized the project couldn’t be done by our fellow friends on whom our founder hoped to get it done from.

Instead of saying his friend the situation and get the hands off the project, our founder had other ideas. He’s our idea generator. He is a senior techie-cum-entrepreneur who always has a desire to explore new roads. The faith he had in our co-founder Abdullah S, was the pushing force for him to take up the project as a new establishment.

Abdullah was an enthusiastic game developer then who could possibly dive deep into any code and make it work. Faith worked this time too. The reason for the rise of a leading Cloud Professional Service Provider in Texas.

No great fortunes are made without the bold choices at certain circumstances of life. The brave decision made because of the faith in friends resulted in the incorporation of “The Unique creations 1 LLC” on September 2015 in the Ohio state, USA. Birth of the best managed IT service provider in Texas.

UC’s Products and Services

Acquaintances shouldn’t be left as acquaintances. Unique Creations had only three employees, including the founders when the work on the first project was started. The friends who were initially acquaintances, turned out to be the stepping stones for the growth of the Unique Creations as a startup.

UCS didn’t have any marketing strategy or a department for marketing at that time. The only feasible way to showcase our company to our appropriate customers was through word of mouth by our friends who trusted us. This approach wasn’t in vain, as it fetched us a project which turned out to be our brand software.

The need was an e-Commerce platform for selling software online. This online shop project was UC’s platform to prove its worthiness and the quality of it work to its customers. The main ideology behind the making of this software was to introduce a new online payment system. UC’s customers can pay only for the limited required usage period without having to purchase the license for a longer period.

The Team – Unique Creations Software

This was the UC’s selling point. At the time of this portal development project, UC have grown into a small team of 6 members. This software which is now named as the UC-Shoppe has all the basic as well the advanced functions which are to be possessed by an e-Commerce software for selling products and services online. UC has a wide range of offerings for its esteemed customers, like the two types of online portal (based on the type of business – B2B or B2C), secure payment integration, e-commerce support, expansion if needed, dashboard and many more functions.

UC-Shoppe is completely customizable, robust and scalable to fit all the customer needs. The successful completion of the UC-Shoppe fetched UC a good name among the friends of our founder and have fetched an opportunity to work with them in their upcoming projects. UC is being referred to the friends out of the hope which lies underneath.

With the intent to increase the number of UC brand products, UC will no more be a novice. The founders felt it, and so worked on the measures to make it a successful venture. Exploring the available opportunities to make new software to sustain in the market, UC ventured to develop a school management software. This online software called UC-School is a cloud based ERP for Schools.

The UC-school helps the parents and the teachers to track the activities of the children. This online school ERP software could be used to increase the effectiveness of teaching and improve communication between the parents and teachers by the various modules which are built within the cloud based software. This information is accessible from a tablet or a mobile device.

Now UC has an off the shelf product to reach a noticeable position in the market and serve the needed customers. A marketing head was assigned and the marketing work was initiated. The number of members in the team has been increased to a double-digit figure. When our founders shared the same thoughts about creating all the software to be scalable and customizable, it became UC’s winning mantra. The UC’s branded products were followed by two other software namely, the UC-Hospitality and the UC-Track software. The UC-Hospitality is concentrating on the online portal for hotel booking and food ordering.

While the UC-Track is a new technology which requires the combined work of the software and the hardware fitted to the body of the children or elderly people to regularly track their position. Unique Creations is so very proud to use the Amazon IOT services in their UC-Track software. The wearable is connected to the cloud and the signals are exchanged between the cloud and the device periodically.

If the signals(co-ordinates) from the wearable is not acceptable as stored in the cloud, then alert messages are sent to the connected mobile device from the cloud. UC-Track could be used to make the life of our customers less stressful and easy going.

The Journey Begins Towards The Best IT and ICT Solution Provider

Unique Creations is incorporated in India as “Unique Creations Software India Private Limited” on February 2017 in Bangalore. Friends all over to help UC move forward, on the month of March 2017  UC attracted a friend to invest for the development of software. Unique Creations is now an independent startup, providing the IT and ICT solutions like, Customized Web Apps, Mobile Apps, e-Commerce portals, IoTs, Cloud services, CI and DevOPS. Unique Creations, for all your Unique IT and ICT needs.

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