Best Mobile Application Development Services : 6 Must Things to Take Care

best mobile application development services india

The Huge Evolution (Mobile Application Development Services India)

An idea to create a software for a device used to communicate, would be the oddest thought some decades back. But, Telephone has undergone a huge set of evolution so far to transform into mobile phones. An example that anything which yields human comfort or value will be made possible in the future. The modern mobile phones are made to be powerful, stunning and waterproof these days. Not only there are upgrades to the hardware, but also to the software which runs the device from the inside.

There is an increasing number of mobile applications being developed and released in the Apple App store as well as in the Google Play store. The application development has got a craze that almost all the custom application development companies which are successful in a web version, wants its users to enjoy their service using a mobile. Not all applications are downloaded and not all these downloaded applications survive until the end of the day.

Mobile Application Development Companies

All over the world including India, there are a huge number of mobile application development companies who are continuously developing and contributing their work to the mobile world. There are a lot of mobile application development service providers in Bangalore. From games to mobile version of a social network or any other web application could be developed.

There have been several factors which need to be considered before the start of the mobile application development. Some knowledge about the ins and outs of these factors helps the developed mobile application easily usable and less annoying to the users.

1. User Experience

There are a lot of applications, which are downloaded daily but uninstalled the next day. The worst case is when the users are so irritated that they give a very bad review. These bad reviews have a negative impact on the search results for applications which does the similar function. An Application with top notch value or features but not being visible to the users is a waste of time and money.

An application should be developed in such a way that it’s user interface is pleasant for the users to use. A well-developed and initiative UI gives the user a whole new excitement that it will help them keep themselves engaged with the application. The appearance and the usage of the application should be more smooth and free of bugs. This helps the mobile application to survive uninstallation.

2. Pricing

The mobile application development in software companies are aimed at getting a good amount of money from the coding work which are being invested on them. Although the mobile application development requires more human time and energy, the mobile applications cannot be charged to an extent like the web applications. Moreover, there are a huge competition in the mobile application development. Higher pricing may lead to the requirement be done by the rival companies at a lower rate.

3. Ads

Advertisements are a source of income for most of the companies which haven’t got much orders to run their working expenses. Ad services like Google AdWords and other providers allow the developers or companies to get themselves registered. They earn money for every users who clicks or visits the particular website directed by the ad.

This makes some developers to fill their mobile application with those ads. These are not a problem unless these advertisements annoy the users. Inappropriate ads or those ads which appear at annoying places of the mobile software may yield bad reviews. So the ads inside the apps should be designed and chosen with care.

4. Platform

The mobile application can be developed for various platforms. These platforms or OS should be chosen carefully based on the userbase available for the mobile application. Developing an application in a platform which is no more used or on which there are very less number of users will lead to unnecessary investment of time and money. In most cases, application are released for one platform first and based on its success will be developed for other platforms.

5. Marketing and Testing

Marketing is mandatory for a mobile application and should be started well before the release of the application in the stores. Without proper coverage of the masses by various marketing means, it would be difficult have the user to download our mobile application.

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One main factor to have a good customer base is testing. The application which is released in stores should be tested to a certain extent that they would be free from errors/bugs. Most companies will have their application to be alpha as well as beta tested so that their users won’t be dissatisfied. This is a good practise to avoid negative ratings on the app/play store.

6.  App Description

The App store is filled with a huge number of applications. The search results for a specific type of application yields at least 20 applications which can do the desired function. So, for any application to be downloaded a good description about the application is needed. Moreover, only the first three to four lines of the description is displayed unless the description is expanded. The first divine four lines need to be written with utmost care that they must be catchy. They should be brief and descriptive.

These are some of the basic points to be considered for a successful beginning of the mobile application development. There are still many other factors which may also impact the success story of a mobile application like market research, uniqueness, efficiency in terms of data and still more. Whatever the mobile application developed, it should be of value to the customer and shouldn’t create any sort of discomfort for the user. A well organized and sensible application will always be welcomed by the users.


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