Blockchain & Digital Transactions in Custom Application Development

Blockchain & Digital Transactions in Custom Application Development


Implementations of Blockchain and digital transactions during custom web development help to reduce fraudulent transactions from worldwide. There are some reports says that money loosed for many people because of the technical difficulties in payment systems. This leads to think some people for alternative ways for transferring money digitally. For a digital transaction, the cash is a medium of transaction. There must be some security mechanisms to protect the money. There comes the relevance of,

  1. BlockChain
  2. digital currencies
  3. Bitcoins
  4. Cryptocurrencies

1. BlockChain

The main advantage of blockchain technology is it has a distributed database. It tracks the records of all transactions. Each record has a timestamp and high levels of encryption methods to protect the data. The blockchain we can consider a rapid growing list of records. The modification of data is not easy in blockchain technology.

2. Cryptocurrency

Over the last few years, the term crypto currency has expeditiously acquired its position due to its privacy. Cryptocurrency works based on an algorithm.All customers need to know the predefined algorithmic rate.It works fully on cloud-based services.It has no physical value instead of that it has a digital value.As the advancement in technology, ARTIFICIAL Intelligence can be used to predict the increase in volume and price.

3. Bitcoin – A Glimpse into the Future

Bitcoin helped a lot for investors while beating foreign exchange trade, stock exchange trade, and commodity contracts. The relevance of bitcoin is

  1. Reduce Remittance
  2. Control capital turnover
  3. Reduce corruption

Since this virtual money uses different algorithms before choosing this we have to look out some important characteristics

  1. Overall trading volume
  2. Verification method used
  3. Popularity among retailers.

By correlating custom web development and artificial intelligence and also using technologies like bitcoin we can provide a great service to customers.There are some pros and cons to using such technologies they are

  1. Safety
  2. Reliability
  3. Scalability

The reason behind the blockchain is popular because tampering of t is very difficult. So its added advantage to cybersecurity. For example, if we considered an IoT based system there are millions of devices connected to a single gateway. Studies say that the no of devices connected to an IoT system has a tremendous growth. Many IoT device is small and inexpensive with no physical security. So we can provide security to such systems by integrating customer web development and blockchain technology. One example is Amazon Web Services and microchip integration.

The blockchain and bitcoin cryptocurrency are linked each other. We have to consider the fact that in custom web development virtual currency is a fueling factor. The success of Bitcoin leads to the propagation of lots of other virtual currency systems. The main advantage is that we can limit the transaction within selected groups. The money can be stored and traded electronically.

Even though the digital transaction having lots of benefits, some people prefer bank transfer and cheques for the huge amount of money.  For digital payments we have to ensure security there comes the relevance of block chain technologies.

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