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How Does IoT and AI going to Transform The Factories

Fourth industrial revolution encourages the “smart workspace or smart factory”. To attain this, technical advancements like the internet of things, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, cyber-physical systems are incorporated with the existing system. IoT is the first feature to be implemented in the factory setups to collect the vast amount of data interconnected within the machinesRead More

How Does Chatbots Benefits Your Business?

Artificial intelligence is the field of science in which you can make a software code to act intelligently. Good examples for them are pre-programmed robots, autopilots in air navigations and recently chatbots. Chatbots, in simple words, will act as one’s personal assistant in the world of internet. It helps to simplify our search by askingRead More

Future of Mobile Apps and Artificial Intelligence

There is a lot of things happening in the Mobile Application development as well as in one of the fastest developing technology, the Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence is an attempt to mimic the intelligence exhibited by the Human brain into a machine. And we are almost achieving it in various levels, even though it isRead More

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning – The Scenarios

We all love Technology. We always wanted the Technology and Science to be so much developed that we can do whatever we imagine making us comfortable. The futuristic advancements were well in advance imagined and filmed in some science fiction movies. But, experiencing them now is one thing which we can’t be least excited about.Read More