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Artificial Intelligence and IoT integration in tracking and monitoring devices

Many sectors of various industries have benefitted to a large extent by using IoT and wearables in conducting their business activities. Consumers who use this technology have also reaped their advantages.  IoT and wearables help in tracking location using GPS, monitoring efficiency levels of machines and vehicles, enabling geo-fencing which sets up boundaries for vehicles, keeping an eyeRead More

UC-Track – An overview

The world of technology is rapidly changing by the day, with new and innovative developments happening every day. One such revolutionary development, which can greatly impact industries like fleet management, is the emergence of IoT and wearables technology. IoT and wearables are used by such industries to track vehicles using GPS, geo-fencing, checking fuel levels,Read More

How Does IoT and AI going to Transform The Factories

Fourth industrial revolution encourages the “smart workspace or smart factory”. To attain this, technical advancements like the internet of things, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, cyber-physical systems are incorporated with the existing system. IoT is the first feature to be implemented in the factory setups to collect the vast amount of data interconnected within the machinesRead More

Custom IoT app Development – The Trend 2018

Customized IoT (Internet of Things) applications always helps to a growth of the business. The customized IoT applications help as a connecting link between business and the enterprise world. It makes the business smarter, scalable and reliable with the latest applications.   When we analyze the recent trends we could identify that how huge isRead More

Internet of Things (IoT) in Mobile App Development

Mobile phones were never used like this before. There is no doubt that they are becoming the most necessary gadget an individual should possess. The smart phones are making our life more comfortable and easy. With these smart phones to function, there is a need for a software to run the hardware. This leads toRead More

Recent Updates in IoT Techniques and Strategies

Internet of Things abbreviated as IoT has become the trending topic these days. The IoT is continuously evolving in a faster pace and the Tech-geeks are already excited about the innovations and the new technical advancement it is bringing to reality. The IoT & Wearables service providers/manufacturers help the IoT Application Development companies by providingRead More

Internet of Things and the IoT Enabled Vehicles – The Trend

The Internet of things –IoT  is the system of physical gadgets, vehicles, home machines and different things inserted with software, electronics, sensors, actuators, and internet availability which empowers these articles to associate and trade information. Vehicles enabled IoT, for example, autos, cars, trucks, trains etc. can improve their own particular operation and upkeep, in additionRead More