Important Criteria to Address while Opting a Cloud Professional Service Provider

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Change is always constant. I didn’t believe this until we started believing in the cloud services and uploaded our critical/important documents to the cloud drives. We have been holding grudges about our data and contents in the cloud being revealed and leaked to the wrong hands. But in this fast-paced modern world, depending only on the local storage may be highly risky and sometimes may lead to data loss. Though the hardware in the modern computers are becoming more sophisticated, the cloud professional services will always have their advantages over the conventional local way of working.

Cloud Professional Service Providers

There are Cloud professional services in every nook and corners of the world and Bangalore is no exception for it. The cloud services provide us the best possible ways to manage and control our applications in the Internet. Web applications are stress free as they could be accessed on-line and need no conventional styled installation. With a lot of investors and companies interested in the cloud application development and deployment, a Cloud professional service provider should be chosen wisely. There are certain important factors which needs to be considered before choosing the cloud service providers.


Reliability of any firm is one of the most significant aspects which will be noted down by the customers, before it’s being chosen. So, the reliability of the service provider could be tested with their Portfolio or Customer Satisfaction from the previous year.

There may be some downtime errors which could have occurred. But if a service provider has overcome the unavoidable downtime with the help of the appropriate aids available, then they may be reliable. These providers should be open to their customers. The way of interaction with the customers at unsteady states like Downtime makes them appealing.

Auto scaling

Based on the nature of the application, the load on the server may vary from time to time. So, the Cloud service to be chosen must be flexible depending on the load. Sometimes when an unexpected number of traffic is witnessed by a company website, chances are there for the website to go irresponsive or crash.

Autoscaling helps to modify the resources depending on the need of the web application. This paves way to get the help from the additional servers which are available online at times of huge demand and to use the least resource when there is almost no demand. Hence, Autoscaling is a cool feature which should be desired by every web application development and deployment company.


With the rise of the Grey as well as the Black hat hackers, there is no important time than now to improve the security of our online files as well as the applications. They are always in the hunt for possible loop holes for them to probe into our systems, both online as well as offline. But what if the Cloud professional services we have chosen for the deployments, didn’t mind some basic security flaws?

This can lead to some serious damage by the infiltrating malicious contents that our web applications as well as our website will be facing. The well-established Cloud service providers like Amazon, Google or Microsoft should probably have a strong security system including a Firewall some time. Serious thinking needs to be given when choosing the Cloud professional services for a company that uses the internet which is prone to attacks most of the times.


This is one of the stellar qualities of any Cloud service company. Once the service is agreed and started, the bond between the firms still grows stronger by the weekly or the monthly updates from the Cloud professional service company. This makes their customer stress free and builds in more confidence.

In case of any emergencies, the availability of the Cloud professional service company to do the right actions in solving the problem will earn them a good name and a very respectable name.  The accessibility of the cloud service provider should be given preference, to survive the unexpected errors which may occur due to overload or some miscellaneous mistakes.

Easy to Manage

Though the programmers can do complicated stuffs in programming, there may be some people in the company who can’t code. One good thing while working with the Cloud services providers is that they are easy to manage and edit even a small part of the whole application. The Cloud service, a development company is finalizing it to be used for their cloud services, should be simple and sophisticated. The complex/harder the User Interface and the operating methods are, the lesser these services will be welcomed by the customers.

It is always better to go with the flow. If for example, all the Operating system and the online storage is from a service provider who does the Cloud professional service as well, then it is advisable to go with the same service provider for the Cloud service. This will be an advantage as the software will be well organized and smooth than a cloud service from a competitor service provider which may result in some small bugs and hiccups.


Cost is always a point to be considered, but not at the expense of the quality we get in return. A lean methodology would be appreciated by any development company. But while peeping into the details of services provided by the cloud service contributor, one can judge the worthiness of the service. Consulting with a trusted reviewer can have an impact to choose the cloud service provider.

The Cloud professional services provider holds the reputation and the key to success for a growing development company. It is important to do a small research on the available service providers and then decide among them.

These are the basic elements to be considered beforehand choosing a Cloud services. The selection process isn’t limited to only these discussed points.


Cloud Professional Services Bangalore