Benefits of Custom Application Development Services Which Boost Your Business

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What are Commercial Off the Shelf (COST)?

We are in the time where the computers are taking control over almost all the activities of the human life. Everything around us is computerized. The reason being the comfort we humans long for. It also reduces the mistakes we are prone to do.

There are custom applications which are made only for a single purpose or a few specific purposes. These commercial off the shelf (COTS) applications are the made to fulfill the needs of most customers who have common requirements. This software are made in batch and are sold to their customers.

When COTSs are not Enough!

Not all the needs are fulfilled by these off the shelf applications. It is now the Custom Application development  which comes handy for the customers. They are developed and personalized to the need of the user.

Since these applications are made upon request, furthermore features like the security, the application integration, the scalability and a few more tweaks could be altered in these applications. These Custom applications meet a numerous advantages over the ready to use applications.

Tangle with the Existing Software

The Custom applications development is done with the consideration of the already used applications in mind. The Custom software is created in a way to work in harmony with each other. They are optimized and tested for the working environment.

So, this software won’t be clashing with the existing software which are used by the firm for their daily tasks. This software could also be integrated with other software and made to work as a single software for the wellness of the customers.

Tailor made Custom Apps (Custom Software Development)

You want the application to greet you every morning? Perfect. Done. The Custom application can be configured to do almost everything the customer needs to do. Whatever is the requirement, be the storage usage, the database to be used, the scalability, the user interface, etc. could be done without any major restrictions. Major customization like push messages and SMS could be enabled in the application for special purposes. The COTS are meant to work in a pattern to do all the unnecessary checks with the usual security.

Easy to work with – Custom Application Development Services

Since the Custom applications are created from the scratch, they are mostly developed and organized in a user-friendly way. So, this software requires no much effort to get through the working of the application.

One major advantage of the Custom application development is the ability to have project management custom built within the software. This feature will help to keep a track of the project progress. The billing cycle and the consolidated data could be downloaded and easily exploited for the business purposes.

Save money

Why spend money for multiple Readymade software when you can get them all done in a single Custom software? The cost incurred to develop a Customized software is sensible in the long run. The Ready to use applications in some cases require special hardware to work along with. The Customized software could be made in consideration of the already available resources, thereby saving money. Moreover, the Commercial on the shelf (COTS) software should be payed monthly for the license as well as the number of users. These won’t be an issue with the Modified Software development.


The modifications made in the software can be easily magnified based on the necessity of the user. This couldn’t be expected in a COTS, as they are made with a certain number of users and load into consideration.

In case of a sudden increase in the size of the company or the customer database, the COTS will get into a saturated state that its sole purpose couldn’t be fulfilled. In the case of the Custom Applications, the size and the load can be gradually increased upon request and they are already built to be rescaled.

Mobile apps on the Go

Mobiles are the devices on which most of the time is spent on. For any application to have a mobile version, it would be better to gain attention and a big customer base. The Custom-made applications could be configured to have a mobile version of it using the easy Web View or the native application development. These mobile applications could also be custom made.

Better Security

Since the application is made code by code based on the requirement, the major security issues can be worked on more intensively. This could not be achieved in a regular COTS application, as they have their own security policies. They are more prone to hacks as there are known software weakness points for the commonly used COTSs which could be easily broken through.

In the case of the customized software development, the vulnerabilities of the software are not easily known. They are made for a specific task and have a different security blocks to be infiltrated. The Customized applications are not easily hacked.

In a nutshell

The Custom software are more reliable and less prone to breakdowns. The off the shelf software are made for a single or a few more purposes. But in case of special needs, they could not afford to get things done. And at these times, the Custom-made applications are the only acceptable option for the betterment and efficient working of the firm.


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