Custom IoT app Development – The Trend 2018

Customized IoT (Internet of Things) applications always helps to a growth of the business. The customized IoT applications help as a connecting link between business and the enterprise world. It makes the business smarter, scalable and reliable with the latest applications.

custom iot app development


When we analyze the recent trends we could identify that how huge is the IoT in 2018. With artificial intelligence and machine learning concepts, it reduces the gap between humans and machines. The recent trends in custom IoT application are,

1.Creating More Integrated Experience

With deep learning with sensors and using the natural language processing, image recognition and neural networks IoT custom applications will help to give more integrated experiences. This helps in the business like automakers, restaurants, hospitals etc. It improves the interaction between people and business.

Even though we are linking the communication between machines the controlling part is a crucial thing. There comes the relevance of custom IoT applications. With the help of smartphones, smartwatches, and tablets using the custom applications we could able to control the machines.

The IoT based custom applications growth may change year to year but the trend remains the same. There comes the relevance of companies that developing custom IoT applications. In most of the applications demanding high levels programming or B2C and B2B end user apps.

2.Wearable app Market

According to the studies of research and markets analysis wearable app market has grown significantly across America and the Asia Pacific. Today most of the people using the wristband, stomach bands, armbands etc. The sensors connected to the device can measure heart rate, blood pressure, and body temperature.

This health and fitness information gathered from sensors in normal cases,  pass from the wearable apps to the mobile apps. IoT custom apps act as an intermediator between the communication. The data that reaches on the Internet will be used for further processing like to the doctors for diagnosis, and fitness consultants to release fitness suggestions and therapy.

So the wearable devices and wearable app development are very much required. It opens the new avenue for IoT aspirants. There are so many advantages to these wearable devices with respect to energy consumption. It requires only low energy, so various wearable devices rocking in the market.

The various requirements of custom IoT apps are,

  • The sensors for collecting raw
  • Connectivity to the mobile networks
  • Cloud-based storage– Since the data collected from sensors are very huge. Sensors are small microcontrollers which have low memory. Their primary purpose is to collect the information and pass it to the storage.
  • Mobile apps to visualize the results
  • No SQL storage

Along with fitness tracking, IoT custom applications also helps for safety. We can integrate panic buttons to smartwatches, jewelry and clothing. It can send alerts to the concerned person within seconds.

It helps to improve the safety and security by developing innovative IoT based custom apps. This solution helps to bring dreams into reality. In medical diagnosis, it plays a major role. It helps to improve the quality of life of every human being.

We can include more industries and businesses under the radar of wearable IoT based custom applications and thereby we can open a way to new life to the society.

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