E-Commerce Trends and Updates That Matters in 2018

We are already influenced by the effects of E-commerce and we are sunk deep inside it. We prefer online shopping rather than forcing the lazy us to the nearby retails shops. Though we could get our ordered products in a day or two, not everyone like it to be that way. There are still people who prefer retail shopping from the Physical stores to the fancy online shopping.

E-Commerce Trends

e-commerce trends 2018

Depending on the needs and current mindsets of the customers, there is a continuous change going on in the e-commerce world. These changing trends are affecting the E-commerce Portal development services and its providers. So, the development of the e-commerce portals should be altered vigorously depending on the transformation we are moving towards. The ways by which they could be altered and what are the next possibilities in e-commerce are mentioned here.

Trends in E-Commerce Industry 2018

Social Media Leads

Social media were initially developed to stay connected with our friends and family members. But right now, it is used to develop the bonding between customers and sellers. With paid advertisements depending on the users, sponsored marketing is grabbing greater leads for the sellers. Anything could be sold from a handmade accessory to the powerful laptops available on the market.

People are using social medias like Facebook, Instagram and Google+ to sell their showcase their products to the people from different parts of the world. Nowadays, it is mandatory for a firm to have a page to display their products and notify its followers with new updates helping the customers to get quicker support.

Local Store Purchases

Though online portals to sell products gained a lot of traction, it is not always the best idea to go completely online. With the change in the expectations from the customers, there is a need for a physical store somewhere in the local region. The e-commerce giants are already starting to focus on “Brick and Mortar” strategy.

Yes, these local stores could be the place where customers can get to touch and feel the products before buying it, or a place to collect their ordered items online, or a place for support and services. This approach is providing good customer experience and helps the companies retain their customers even in the online market.

AR in E-Commerce

The AR in the smartphones help the e-commerce companies in the most intuitive way. The Augmented Reality which was highly recognized by the famous Pokémon-Go game, is now being used in the e-commerce domain to visualize things.

The Smartphones can show the customers the how the product will look like in their houses with the aid of the Augmented Reality. These can also let the user to move and rotate the visualized product in the space in front of them. This helps the customers to choose the right one without any hassle.

Chatbots and Video Marketing

Though the customers prefer human interaction to solve their problems and queries, they can’t be available all the time to respond to a query. Chatbots are being implemented in e-commerce portals so that it can take up questions from the customers and reply accordingly.

The e-commerce portal development services these days include video creation too. As people are having limited time to read any information online, videos are the best way to communicate what is intended to in a span of a minute or less. This retain the customers from leaving and informs them about the company.

Mobile Checkouts in the Lead

Mobile phones are used almost all the time except when a person sleeps. This is the reason for the development of the mobile application developed for online web portals despite having their presence online. So, addition to the web portal development, the companies need to invest also in the mobile application development too.

People find it comfortable to do their daily shopping through their smartphones which are always in their pockets, rather than doing it with the help of their laptops. Recent trend in the e-commerce reveal that, mobile checkouts are increasing, and mobile applications help in grabbing the customers from leaving.

Voice Based Orders

With the rise in the usage of the Personal Assistants, the way we interact with our Internet world is changing. These Personal assistants like Alexa, Siri or Google Assistant can help us to order by simply speaking to them. The e-commerce development service providers and the SEO companies will have to sort out a way to cope up with the voice enabled orders.

E-Commerce for Cars

We are in a time where we can expect what we thought would never exist. There are a lot of proof that anything will come to exist soon. One among them was the possibility to buy a car completely online. This is now made possible by the e-commerce company named Fastlane and they are running. They cover everything needed to buy a car to be available step by step in their web portal.

These are some of the points where the E-Commerce Portal Development Service providers need to be concerned about with the changing world. By giving prior importance to the changes which are happening in the market, any e-commerce firm can survive this unstable market.

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