How to Become a Good full Stack Developer?

The term Full Stack Web Development can be related to the changing development environment around the world.  In simple terms, a full stack developer must be a person who is able to manage the full development cycle of an application.  It may range from the User Interface Design in the front end to Database Management in the backend.  The person should possess essential skills in languages, scripts, databases, third-party services etc.  He must understand each and every block in the process of building up an application.  Apart from the technical skills, a prospect full stack developer should possess personal traits such as a passion for learning, creativity, good at analytics etc.

how to become a good full stack developer

Who is a Full Stack Developer?

When speaking about the technical capabilities, as we said, a full stack developer is responsible from the stage of designing the user interface to managing the database in the backend. He must possess the functional knowledge and capabilities for all aspects involving building the application.

Let’s look at the various types of technologies and frameworks in the web development cycle.

  • In the front end, one should be familiar with HTML, Javascript, CSS etc.
  • In the back end PHP, Node.js etc.
  • In the Database framework, knowledge is MySQL, Apache Cassandra etc.
  • Proficiency in other essential technologies and debugging tools would be appreciated.

You should be proficient in programming languages such as Java, PHP, Python etc. You have to be familiar with the structure, design, implementation, and testing of the application. Along with this, the front-end technologies are also very important. Therefore it is important to be a master in basics such as HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, other third-party libraries etc. In the case of any applications or projects, database interactions are essential.  As said you should possess in-depth knowledge of popular systems like MySQL, MongoDB and so on.  These are being widely used in internet-based systems and applications.  Apart from these, one should possess basic design skills such as UI design, UX design etc.

In a Custom Web Application Development environment, one will need a full stack developer who is an expert in the above said systems and frameworks. Keeping up with the advancements in these technologies than mere knowledge is also very important. Completing the project with perfection in all the tiers of the development cycle of the application is the primary responsibility that a full stack developer should take. He must be attended to the bugs or queries from any layer of the development process i.e. front-end or back end.

So the term Full Stack Developer can be said synonymously with the generally accepted ICT system, Information, and Communication Technology, which is a modified term of Information Technology. It is an umbrella which covers all the systems, components and applications that may range from telecommunications to enterprise software and audiovisual systems.

In conclusion, a person who understands the stacks of building up of an application in its entirety and bridge the gaps in the different layers from front-end to back-end can be called a Full Stack Developer.