Importance of Packaging When you are Selling Online

Online selling on the various e-commerce portals is thriving more and more by the day. Consumers are now moving towards online stores (e-commerce portals) to buy their choice of products. In fact, even brick-and-mortar shops are now selling their products online because of the newly increased customer base on online platforms. Consumers mainly get attracted to buying products online because of various reasons like affordable prices, deep discounts offered, the variety of products, numerous brands, the convenience of buying from their choice of place, home delivery option and many other reasons.

E-Commerce portals have a tendency to focus more on these aspects while selling their products online. Because of their increased focus on this, they forget one important step in selling a product which is, ‘packaging’.

Packaging involves taking steps to enclose the product in order to protect it from environmental damage, to protect it from wear and tear, as well as informing the customer about the details of the product visually. The above-mentioned features only serve the primary purpose of packaging. But the fact is that packaging plays a much more important role.

Product packaging, if done in an attractive and visually appealing manner will surely boost the promotion strategy for the product to be sold. For example, Let us consider two situations of customers who receive their products in two different forms of packaging. In the first situation, the customer receives the product in a standard, brown packaging, which the customer expects all the time whenever he orders something online from that particular portal. On the other hand, when a customer receives the product in a beautiful and neat packaging, he/she will be surely impressed, since attractive packaging of products is highly unexpected these days.

Visually attractive packaging serves many purposes. These may include improving brand value and recognition, establishing a long-term relationship with the customer, improves recommendation of the product to other potential customers by the current customers as well as social media promotion by the customers.

These advantages of packaging are discussed in detail below

  1. Brand value and recognition

A product which has been packaged well has the capability of creating a lasting impression in the customers’ minds about how the respective e-commerce portal sends products to them. This, in turn, generates brand value and recognition since the customers enticed by the packaging of the product, will be more than willing to purchase other products from the same portal once again since the pre-defined expectations of the customer get exceeded.

  1. Establishing a long-term relationship with the customer

Since the customer has an idea of how the product is delivered to them, they won’t mind paying an extra amount of money to purchase other products from the same e-commerce portal time and again, in spite of other portals charging lesser. In this way, the e-commerce portals can develop long-term relationships with the customers.

  1. Improves recommendation of the product

When the customers are impressed with the packaging of the product ordered by them, they might recommend it to other people to purchase the product from the same e-commerce portal. This creates a series of links wherein one customer recommends to other customers and the process keeps on happening, thereby increasing the customer base of the e-commerce portal.

  1. Social media promotion by the customers themselves

Since sharing on social media is gaining more and more prominence by the day, its importance in the field of promoting attractively packaged products is no exception. Customers, who are enthralled by the packaging of the product, might sometimes capture a video of how the product has been packaged as well as take pictures of the same. These videos and pictures shared by these customers on their social media accounts would be seen by thousands of prospective customers on the social media portals, which will form a strong foundation in the creation of a large customer base for the e-commerce portal’s products.

E-Commerce portals now need to be developed in order to adopt this method of promoting the products sold by them. They can show images of the way in which the product has been packaged along with the description of the product so that it becomes an additional feature which might impress the customer.