How Far the Internet of Things (IoT) Succeeded in Healthcare Industry?

Iot and healthcare


Technology has already dug deep into our lives and has become a part of it. There is no place where we are not exploiting our technological advancements, starting from our daily commute to the complex health care. But seeing into the influence technology has brought in the Medical fields, Internet of Things(IoT) is one big leap we have encountered so far.

There are already a lot of Hospital Management software, which uses IoT to keep track of the activities as well as to monitor the status of the tools available in a hospital. The IoT wearable devices which can sense the changes in our body with the aid of the IoT, help people keep track of their body.

IoT Wearables Healthcare

Keeping the Patients Safe and Healthy

The wireless sensors which could be worn by the patients, are having a great deal in modern hospitals. These wearables help the management of the hospital and the staffs including the doctors and the nurses work efficiently.

The wearables are worn by the new born babies in order to locate and identify them quickly. The tracking system used by these systems ensure no babies are moved out of the safe zone and give alerts when they cross the boundaries. There are sensors to detect the Heart rate as well as the oxygen levels. These with the help of the IOT can alert the nurses, so that they can attend the patients without any delay.

The sensors are also used by the IoT to ensure that the blood samples, and other medicinal items are maintained at the right temperatures.

Optimizing the flow

IoT could be used to streamline the work flow in a certain hospital. The feeding of the data into the system which in the background becomes accessible from everywhere by having a cloud storage is one of the beauties IoT. Though this needs a robust and fine software to make this run, they are already up and started optimizing the work though out the hospital.

Monitoring was never this easy

With the introduction of the IoTs and wearables which work in harmony with it, the need to stay in the hospital for observation could be highly avoided. The wearables can track a patients activities and also monitor other vital parameters which are critical during an observation. The IoT devices which are connected to the Internet, could continuously update the required data into the cloud . This data could be retrieved in the doctor’s device and hence thereby saves time and money.

IoMT (Internet of Medical Things)

Keeping Track of an Operation

IOMT(Internet of Medical Things) with the help of the Real time tracking system, updates the position and the situation of the patient who is going to get operated. The System is connected to a  display, which in turn updates the customers the stage and location of the patient. No more Que in front of the Operation theater and need not follow the conventional way to question the doctor or the nurse.

IoT Replacing Direct Visit to the Doctors

As one of the sophisticated feature to be witnessed is the mighty cloud storage and secure data mobility. This helps the records to be accessible only by authorized persons like the doctors or the nurses. With this much flexibility under our service, it wouldn’t be wise to still waste time and energy to visit the clinic or the patient’s house.

The Hospital visits are becoming a question with the IoT services and solutions. The doctors could be consulted on-line by his/her patient with the help of the internet of things, thereby saving a lot of valuable resources.

Challenges Faced by the IOMT

Despite the fact that IoMT is for the good of the health care industry, there are some challenges which should be faced by the IoMT in order to flourish.

One of the main concern that bothers the decision makers of the hospital may be the data security. Since the sensible data are to be stored in the cloud and a leakage of this data could lead to a catastrophe, the willingness to enable the IoMT in hospitals is still a major concern. The hospital themselves is growing with a huge number of new tools and equipments, it would still be a headache for the IT of the hospital to make it functional.

Though implementation of the IoMT in hospitals saves a lot of energy and avoids confusion, there is still a lot of knowledge to be gained by the person in charge for IoMT’s implementation. The execution of this system yields a lot of time and support for its implementation. This would arise a need for a person who knows the integration of the instruments with the IoT system.

This will be one of the strongest hindrance for the growth of the IoT in the healthcare domain. But implementation will definitely bring a lot of things to light and helps the hospitals to serve it’s customer very well than normal.

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