Social Impacts of Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

social impacts of iot and AI

IoT and Artificial Intelligence

It’s always a wonder how the technology is booming in the recent days. It is no coincidence that the saying, “whatever we could imagine is real” aligns with the technological advancements which we are facing now. The Artificial Intelligence and the IOT services which were thought to be a fantasy  are now true.

People started accepting the smart homes, thanks to Amazon and Google for their enormous marketing about the IOT services. Now that the industries are also accepting the IOT solutions and services as with the implementation of the “Industry 4.0”. The IOT and the AI have rooted deeply among the people and society that in some time very nook and corners of the world would have them up and running.

There is a group of people, who are against the implementation of the AI and the IOT systems saying it may harm the Humanity. On the other side, there are speeches given about the might of the AI and IOT services. Below are the impact these technology can have on us socially.

Impacts of Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence

#1. Facial Recognition

With all our smart phones and laptops equipped with decent cameras, access to a device can now be granted with the aid of the Facial Recognition. This is already felt in Facebook’s auto tagging feature for which they use the Facial recognition technology to tag people. There are still various uses of the Facial recognition technology, which are yet to be revealed.

These technology along with the integration of the hardware like smart sensors could be used to provide access into a system or office. There is also a possibility to gain access by means of or=ur connected devices which may also be one’s smart-phone.

#2. Self Driving Vehicle

The first question which comes to our minds when speaking about these Self driving vehicles is the  safety. Amidst the nay sayers, Elon Musk’s Tesla had proved it wrong and have successfully tested the project and removed the superstitious dirts from people’s thoughts. Like every other IOT systems and services, these Smart vehicles are not only smarter but are also tested for various test cases so that no harm could be made to the lives of the people.

#3. Chatbots

Chatbots are the best examples of the implementation of the Artificial Intelligence in real life. These bits are a set of algorithms which are programmed to react to the inputs from the users. These chatbots are currently used by most firms to provide support for their customers rather than making the customers wait or let them hear some music. This is a good initiative, but we should have our fingers crossed since the Chatbots are not fully evolved and can have their own negatives.

#4. Personalized Contents

We feel special if we are treated in a different way than normal and having a tailored content for each one of us . These could be used in our Education system to have a curriculum customized for each students based on their abilities and skills. The Artificial Intelligence uses the data trails which we leave beside when browsing or buying something on-line and starts to learn about us.

This helps it in delivering the tailor made content for its user wherever they go as long as they are logged in. This could be very much obvious when seeing the advertisements popping up while browsing of the things which we have recently searched or studied about.

#5. Cloud Services

The smarter the AI becomes, the more advantages could be yielded from of the IOT systems and services. The advancements in the cloud computing are already moving the data from the local to the cloud for better processing and results. With the Big data analysis, huge data are processed in the cloud and are used for serving the customers in a more soothing way.

Impact on Security

The algorithms used in Artificial Intelligence, can detect the emotions of the person and act based on that. These could be used to exploit for the sake of the profit of a firm. The advertisements these days are showed to users by the data which are analyzed from their browsing history and all the data trails which they leave behind.

May be allowing IOT to access all of our location details and other access requests is not always helpful as long as we know what exactly are we sharing. Being cautious by not looking for troubles and allowing only limited data to be shared can help avoid being exploited.

Is it for the good?

There is never a good answer for the question,

“Is Artificial Intelligence harmful to humans?”

Some scientists and speakers are able to answer it temporarily saying “it has a long way to go and we need not worry about it now”. But is it all true? Do we have a lot of time for the Artificial Intelligence to gain power?

We are building something which can learn on its own and continuously grow smarter and smarter. At a particular point in time, we will be outsmarted real quick . As long as we have a good control over them, we cannot expect what it may bring. Lets hope for the best.

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