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IoT Solutions and Services Provider in India and USA

The Consulting Partner of AWS – UCS

AWS is one of the popular words in the vocabularies of the Web technology. Abbreviated as AWS, it stands for the Amazon Web services. The web hosted service provided by Amazon and is one among the top web service providers. AWS has under its hood a wide range of services right from the hosting services to the Internet of things (IOT). Unique Creations software (UCS) is already a consulting partner of AWS and aims to become an advanced partner especially as an IoT Services and Solutions provider. The UCS based in the USA, is already using the Amazon web services.

The Unique Creations software has been using the EC2 as well as the Elastic beanstalk service provided by the AWS right from the start, not only for the customers but also for its own purposes. UCS have used this service for both the complex web applications and for launching simple websites to the server a numerous times that UCS got itself a commendable hands-on experience.

Sharpening the Sword with AWS

UCS always welcomes new technologies and believes even the most reputed software gets obsolete over a point of time. Despite having a good experience with some of the AWS services, the UCS team is updating themselves with the AWS online courses available to exploit the best out of the services provided by the Amazon. This practice helps the UCS team not only to update their knowledge on the services they haven’t worked on, but also helps in getting to know the unexplored parts of the AWS services they already know.

Being Aware

The UCS Engineers are currently working on the various AWS services and are conscious enough to know each function of the system such as

  • Data Analytics
  • Cyber Security
  • Augmented reality
  • Mobility applications
  • Edge cloud communications
  • Applying voice/sound capabilities

IoT Services and Solutions Provider

Without compromising the comfort and quality, the. The UC-smart developed to be the smart solution of the future uses the IoT feature. The IOT (Internet of Things) services and solutions provided by the Amazon Web Services serves as a bridge between the smart wearable and the mobile devices. The IOT is responsible for the proper communication between the devices and the application in the cloud. This feature of the AWS is being exploited by the UCS to control the homes, industries and thereby helps easing the lives of the people.

The Geo fencing

The real-time tracking is done with the help of the GPS signal from the Smart wearable which is then compared with the boundary layers set using the Geo-fencing facility. The Geo-fencing lets the parents to set the limit or boundary until which, their subject is let to roam and considered safe.

The AWS Lambda

The AWS Lambda function is the possible solution for automating the alerts to the parent’s mobile phone. When the subject is beyond the safe zone, then an alert can be configured to be sent to the parent’s mobile.

The AWS Cognito

The AWS Cognito lets the users register or signing in irrespective of the huge number of the users. The Cognito supports more secure login features like email or phone number verification. It helps syncing the data into the mobile devices for a better mobile user interface.

Amazon’s DynamoDB

The solution uses Amazon’s DynamoDB for a fast and reliable database required by the IoT application and supports frequent update of the data. The DynamoDB doesn’t need any major configuration to be done.


Combining Artificial Intelligence with IoT is essential because it enables businesses to collect data in the physical world–from wearables, appliances, automobiles, mobile phones, sensors and other devices, UCS is stepping forward to achieve the best amazon web service provider in India and USA implementing these unique concepts and technologies.


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