Advanced Technologies in Wearable Devices and the IoT Solutions

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IoT and the Wearables

Technology is always a blessing; some people stand by its side. The blessing gave birth to the trending new technology named, the Internet of Things. We are all connected to the server. The connected devices are widely welcomed in all the parts of our world. We have given these Smart Home devices the power to control everything in our home, the lights, the air conditioning, and almost everything.


Viki from the iRobot movie is no more unreal. With the introduction of the Internet of things (IOT), the competition is rising and they are becoming smarter. The iHome from Amazon, and the Google home could be set to control almost everything in our houses with minimal the human intervention. These Personal assistants take orders from us in the form of speech and respond accordingly.

Not only that the Smart homes could be used for taking orders, they are integrated with the Artificial Intelligence (AI). This means that they could control the temperature, humidity, and noise from the houses by using their own intelligence.

Medical Purposes

The wearables could also make the diagnosis of certain symptoms or diseases at an early stage. It could pave the way to the wearable MRIs. These Devices could help diagnose Cancer, Heart diseases or Alzheimer’s. One important reason to adopt these devices in the Medical industry is that they are not only easy to work with but also doesn’t require much funding.

Wearables could also be programmed to monitor our habits which we would like to get away with like Smoking. People who wish to quit smoking can be helped to track themselves by the application integrated to their smart watches. The frequency of this activity could be entered and it helps them having a note on themselves. This help people regain their normal life.


From one of the leading manufacturers of the wearable devices, the Fitbits are more popular among the users. This smart watch helps the user to track the blood pressure, the amount of sleep a person has slept and the number of steps walked or jogged. These data get synced to the application in the smart phone at regular intervals.

Some iot services companies have also stepped into the area of research where they can develop a wearable device like a bracelet or a band which can show the way we feel at a certain point of time. These wearable bracelets will be available soon and could be helpful for the users. This technology could also be implemented on a smart ring which collect all the details about the feeling of the user and shows the result by change of color or some other indicator.

Fashion industry

The Fashion industry is not an exception for the technological boom to gradually rise. There are smart glasses which could change their lenses as well as the color based on the requirement from the users or also upon certain conditions. There are still a lot of explorable areas waiting to be dug in the smart glasses domain.

The dress we wear could be customized and could work according to the user or act anonymously. The collars of the shirt could be connected to the sensors which continuously senses the temperature of the body as well the environment. Now based on the temperature inside/outside wearable the smart collar device helps to stay the user warmer. The collar could be coded to change color as well.

The stretchable electronics are on the development and will very soon be available for the users. Moreover, there are studies which shows the generation of power from the heat liberated from our bodies. We will all experience and exploit them real soon.

IoT Solutions and Services Bangalore

IoT Solutions and Services Bangalore

Manufacturing Industry & IoT

In the Manufacturing domain, the Internet of Things with the aid of wearables can achieve more efficiency and help us save time. The workers are asked to wear a band on their body so they need not follow a big manual procedure in the workplace but concentrate more on the work. These wearables may use NFC or other communication methods to transmit or receive signals.

These procedures could also be exploited in the payments booths with the help of the NFC Tags, the opening and closing of the door in the region of work by sensing the signals from the wearables and security systems which senses only a wearable device. These wearables help to stay in the correct order without any chaos.


There are some manufacturers who thought the smart devices aren’t smart if they are just to measure the heart beat and the pressure. Then came an idea about the importance of drinking water and the consequences of the dehydration. Some e\wearables helps to keep track of the water consumption daily and suggests taking in water when needed badly by our body.

There should be also an invention for the stress relief. These will be rolling out in the market in the very near future and would be greeted by the users.

Cyborgs are coming

It’s been a long time since we have started realizing our imaginations. Every idea which arises in the Human mind are given life in some form with the help of the modern technologies. We have got very much used to pushing our limits these days. We now live in a time where we can expect Cyborgs to roam amongst us in a few decades. With the wearable devices, we are already half cyborgs with a difference these devices are not fixed to our body.

There are mechanical equipments which help handicapped people to walk and run nowadays. The recent advancement in technology paved the way for the invention and usage of the wearable devices to make our life simpler. With the help of these wearables, our lives are made very much luxurious as well as comfortable in comparison with our past life.

But is this all we want from the modern technology?

IoT Solutions and Services Bangalore
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