Recent Updates in IoT Techniques and Strategies

Updates In IoT Techniques

Internet of Things abbreviated as IoT has become the trending topic these days. The IoT is continuously evolving in a faster pace and the Tech-geeks are already excited about the innovations and the new technical advancement it is bringing to reality. The IoT & Wearables service providers/manufacturers help the IoT Application Development companies by providing the required hardware which are more reliable and possess good accuracy.

 Until yesterday, IoT was something which could make our lives easier by means of automation. The most recent updates form IOT depicts what it is capable of doing. We are lucky enough to be in an era to witness the least thought about technologies which will affect our lives in a greater way. We are already getting used to the IoT wearables for tracking our sleep and heartbeats. There are a still lot to come.

 From Wearable to Fitness Coach

Wearables meant something which could be worn in our body quite a while ago. It was then restated in a different way by the so called Techies as, something which is worn and will help humans monitor their activities. Yet now, this needs a modification. We are about to get introduced to a new way wearables could be exploited.

If there was a possibility to have an personal trainer following us everywhere and every time, our workout life would be very easy. People from “Moov” have figured a way to make this a reality. This smart wearable not only helps to monitor normal activities which the normal wearables do, but also acts as a personalized trainer.

By giving voice commands when needed, it helps one to perform his/her workout in a more effective way. Be it swimming, running, or cycling this wearable helps tracking the body parameters as well as give commands on ways to improve our workout. These are yet to become the coolest gadget to be owned by fitness freaks.

Giving Life to Walls

Walls were just walls until IoT stepped in to the world. We have never thought that the walls could be put-upon to use for technological purposes except to keep the other side of the wall unseen. But not anymore, they are more valuable than having them as a surface to project movies from our Projectors.

With their wireless devices, “Knocki” is making use of the surfaces in our households to take orders and do the work for us. These surfaces can take inputs from us in the form of taps. The device is developed in such a way that, it can sense gestures anywhere on the surface. It can also notify us when someone knocks at our front door or when a mail arrives.

Climatic control, setting an alarm or snoozing it, messaging a partner when leaving or arriving back home and even brewing the coffee could be done with a simple tap. Finding our phone misplaced somewhere in our house, is no more a problem when Knocki is there by our side. It also includes features to activate the security alarms, or to enable a pattern access when key or phone is not available. This is one of the coolest outcomes of the IOT services.

Smart Bikes

When every stuffs around us are getting smart, why not bicycles would be the question in the minds of this smart bike developers. These Smart bikes are developed by “Flykly” and comes in different variants. They are more than e-bikes. These smart bikes can assist the riders when needed and help them ride more easily.

Said to be created by cyclists, these smart bikes could be connected and controlled from our smart phones by means of their mobile applications. This application let us control the maximum speed of the vehicle, the battery level and also the kick range of the e-bike. These vehicles could be charged at home and have batteries which could last for around 2 years. The firm claims that the battery needs about two and a half a hour to get the battery fully charged and can drive up to 30 Kms.

Called as the engine by the Flykly people, the rear hub helps the cycler achieve a speed up to 25 Km/h. These bikes are environment friendly and can help the cyclists enjoy their next cycling adventure without any hassles. The cycle also holds within the energy recovery mechanisms which could be activated by pedaling the cycle backwards. To conserve energy, the engine/hub automatically turns off after 2 minutes when idle.

The Credits

These innovations and developments where just because of the development in the IOT and wearables domain. The application developers with the aid of the wearables providers make this possible, thereby bringing in a lot of cool gadgets and technological progress which the world is waiting to encounter. How lucky we are!!


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