List of Top 5 IoT Wearables Examples

IoT we can consider as computing concept in which billions of devices connected to the internet and they could identify themselves to other devices. The main advantage of IoT is monitoring the health-related issues. The sensors connected to device communicate each other and able to give alerts in case of emergency. This monitoring device helps to improve safety.


IoT wearables examples


The lifestyle changes in the recent years lead to monitoring health closely. The IoT application development companies in India and outside countries helps to monitor health in the form of wristbands, body fat measuring devices etc. Internet of Things opened a wearable innovation with an intention of making everyone’s life easier.

 IoT Wearables Examples

1.Fitness Trackers

Smartwatches are the prevailing trend in today’s market. It acts in such a way that sensors connected to the device gather information such as blood pressure, heart rate, temperature etc. They could send alerts in case of an emergency. The IoT wearables we can track and store information. This helps to make an effort to monitor fitness levels of each person. This helps to screw up to get fit. With this kind of wellness wearables, we can dissect the progress and change the fitness activities accordingly. This will helps to generate consciousness and commitment to fitness related activities worldwide.


In recent years so many  IoT development companies in India developed Smartwatches. The smartwatches the have the capabilities for emergency alert. This will often connect to a cell phone or tablet. They have some emergency alarm capabilities. With a single button press, the messages and alerts will go to predefined numbers. The main preference of these pervasive designs is low power. There comes the relevance of IoT devices in today’s fast pace world. The microcontroller gathers information and the main processing happens at a cloud. So a cloud related IoT decision making systems always require low power batteries. The sensors collect information.

3.GPS Tracker and Music System

Some wearable has the capability for GPS tracking. The parents can give such devices to kids. They can track their wards. In case of emergency, the device could send instant messages to all. The music system also can control using a wearable device. We could increase and direct the volume of the music and allows to send instant messages.

4. Remote Monitoring Systems

In the health industry, remote monitoring is the very essential part. Using IoT techniques constant monitoring helps to take average readings and based on those adequate decisions for doctors. The medicine levels also we could adjust by using the readings of such sensors.

5.Wearable Panic Buttons

The location-based IoT services are widely used. For healthcare professionals can track patients whereabouts and past medical history. This kind of services always useful when an injured person coming to the hospital. The IoT helps in real time monitoring also such as checking room temperature etc. The IoT wearable buttons can be put with jewellery or cloth. It quickly alerts a pre-designated circle of trusted contacts.

In contempt of  improved functionality, from past researches it is clear that there is always  an increasing number of consumers are interested in using . This helps the manufacturers to invest more in this technology.


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