How to Launch Your Online Store with UC-Shoppe

In the earlier times, there used to be only physical stores for the purpose of conducting the business. The shops with the best collection and reasonable prices used to emerge out as the winner. This was the best method for shops to establish themselves as the most popular brands since there was no other effective marketing technique back then.

How to Launch Your Online Store with UC-Shoppe

Shop Management Software

Now that technology has taken the world by storm, a few software development companies have come up with a solution for retail as well as wholesale shops called Shop management software. Shop management software has revolutionized the world of business. Most of the businesses have their presence in the physical market and also have a good amount of recognition among the customers. But these same businesses, at times, feel that they need to reach out to customers residing in different cities and countries.  Shop management software enables the business to make their presence felt on the online/ virtual platform by helping them build a website as well as a mobile application.

UC-Shoppe and Launching your Online Business

UC-Shoppe offers certain platform features and uses tools and techniques, which can surely assist businesses to build online stores. Online stores usually consist of the product list, product information, catalogue, product review, user registration, order management, promotional offers, shopping cart, language option, payment gateway integration, web analytics, payment gateways and many other components.

All these components that are required for the set-up of the online store are provided by UC-Shoppe. Such businesses lose out a chunk of their money by paying out commissions to the e-commerce website, which reduces the amount of profit earned by them.  Businesses now need not to sell their product on other e-commerce websites now that they have the option of setting up their own website at a much lesser price using UC-Shoppe.

UC-Shoppe helps businesses in building a successful online store by using the following tools –

#1. Product Management

UC-Shoppe offers features for categorising the products in an easier manner, by providing a module called ‘Product management’, which includes tools for making product catalogue, product options and attributes (colour, size, style, etc.), product review and product information. So, instead of other e-commerce websites deciding on how the product line needs to be managed to become your own boss by using UC-Shoppe for setting up your business’ website.

#2. Customer Management

Customers are the key reason for the success of a business. It is very important for online stores to make sure that the customers have the best shopping experience online, without facing any technical glitches. UC-Shoppe has a module known as ‘Customer management’ which facilitates the online store to manage the customers’ needs and demands more quickly. The customers can also give their online feedback on the products sold based on their experience of the product.

#3. Orders Management

UC-Shoppe helps businesses to manage the orders received from the customer. The orders placed consist of information like the product category, type, discounts and offers, customers’ residential or office address, payment method and order number. The order management module also ensures that the product is delivered to the customer’s address, in addition to these features.

#4. Shipping Management

Tracking the product using GPS and IoT technology, in order to see to it that the product is delivered to the customer also called as ‘Shipping management’ is an important feature offered by UC-Shoppe’s ‘Shipping management’ module. This module with the help of live tracking ensures that the product reaches safely to the correct person and at the correct location, thereby preventing the product from falling into the hands of third parties.

#5. Inventory Management

One of the most important criteria for managing any online shop is inventory management. Inventory management plays a very big role in online business since the warehouse gets the information for deciding on the appropriate delivery method to send the product to the required customer.

#6. Sales Returns and Purchase Returns Management

UC-Shoppe has modules for facilitating sales returns and purchase returns. The sales returns module helps in handling those products which the customer returns to the online shop because of defects, faults, or other issues. In the purchase returns module, the return of those products which are purchased by business either for manufacturing purpose or resell can be efficiently managed without any chaos or hassle.

#7. Content Management

Using UC-Shoppe, businesses have the flexibility of editing and updating the content of the products or some other aspects of the website, anytime and anywhere. This level of flexibility in changing the content cannot be availed of by businesses in any other platform.

#8. Reports Management

Businesses constantly need reports relating to the management, customers, sales, products, inventory and other functions. UC-Shoppe’s ‘Reports management’ module is the best solution for maintaining as well as generating automatic reports on the various functions of the business.

#9. Payment Gateway Management

Online businesses need to offer multiple payment methods and payment gateways for the customers. Some of these payment methods like cash-on-delivery; credit/debit card, net banking and online wallets like Paytm, PhonePe, etc. are provided by UC-Shoppe.

Businesses now need to take steps to adopt UC-Shoppe, which is an efficient, secure and reliable shop management software in order to build their business on the online platform and also broaden their customer base.