How to Develop a Mobile app with User Friendly UX design?

Many of you are thinking about developing a great app. You had an idea that is buried inside you, but you don’t have any idea to bring it out from your brain and display to the entire world. For this you need to learn some basic concept of building an app. In the journey of developing an app, some will advise you to hire an app developer but in the reality you are taking a risk, this is so because it’s like you are invested your money in the fortune of your idea.

Mobile App Development

There are so many apps developing program out there for you that can help you in the process of making your dream come true. We are here to help you through this simple process to get started on your journey and make an awesome and user friendly UX design app. Let’s get started.

1. Set a Goal for your app:

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The very initial step in this process is set a goal for your app. Start by taking a pen and a piece of paper and write down these questions and ask himself for these answers.

  1. What does your app do?
  2. What problems of the user is it going to solve?
  3. How this app is going to simplify the lifestyle of the users?
  4. What things you will do to market your app?

You will not be able to survive in any business if your project is not well defined and clear to the users. Before you move further in this process, you will have to set a clear picture in your mind of what you are going to do and what you want done.

2. Sketch your goal:

Now you will have to again pick your pen and paper that already has the answers to the above questions to sketch your idea clearly into your mind for what is your app going to be look like.

3. Research:

In this step you will need to examine your competitors and make a strategy to make your app better by reading the users review, what they like/dislike about the app. Then take advantage from the information that you collected.

4. Blueprint:

In, this technology world Wireframe is like a story board. Here you take your sketch into little more functionality and clarity. This is a very important step in the process of designing and building your app. There are lots of websites available that you can use to bring your sketch and design to the digital world like icons and click through.

Here are some websites that you can start from, these are:

  • a.
  • b.
  • c.

5. Start defining the back end:

In this step you need to depict your APIs, data diagrams and servers using your blueprint wire-frame. There are mobile app development companies in the market that provide best Mobile Application Development Services India & USA that you can use to do this task easily.

6. Check the model of your app:

In this step you will have to show your app demo to your friends and family who can check your app for you and give you some idea and constructive criticism after testing your app navigation and tell you how it is and what should you can do to enhance your app. Don’t show your app demo to those peoples who blindly tell you this app is great either you will how to those peoples who tells you the truth. Your goal in this step is to finalize any missing things in your app structure.

7. Get building:

Now you will have to set up your server, APIs and database. You can easily do this with the help of an app called app builder, but if you need, you can hire someone to do this job for you. Now the time has come to sign up for the Google playstore and apple store. Simply create an account on both the store to get your app on the market. It may take sometime for the process to go through, so don’t horse off this step.

8. Design the look of your app:

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Now it’s time to hire a designer for your app to create the user interface i.e commonly known as UI. This is very important because if your user interface is good, then users are automatically attracted towards your app if they find that the app is looking good and how easily they can navigate in the app.

Through the design process, you will have to keep in mind the feedback that you got from the tester and also you should keep in mind that your app design and navigation reflects your app growth in the market.

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