Mobile Application Development Services – 5 Latest Trends

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What’s About to Come? (World of Mobile Apps Development)

Recent Trends in Mobile Apps Development Services

Time changes everything. We see a small kid playing his/her game with a blaring headset over the head. Has the technology already took us over? Weren’t we asked to sing rhymes when we were 6 years old? The mobile technology continuously evolving, from the touch screen inputs to the iris scanners we can expect anything in the upcoming days.

Not only the hardware, even the application developed which runs inside those smart phones are rising into a new level. The user interface, the experience, the interaction with the smart phone have changed that the people are excited about the continuous updates their smartphone brings. The Applications are the blood in our veins of the smart phones giving life to the hardware. Find out the recent trends in mobile application development services.

#1. Application Streaming

Running out of memory in your smart phone? Don’t worry! You will get covered in a short while. The headache of having all the application data downloaded in the storage of the smart phone can be taken care of by the so-called Application streaming. Very similar to the video streaming, the applications will be progressively downloaded.

The main advantage being, only a part of the information is downloaded. The remaining necessary data will be stored in the device when the user is working. Google is already working on it and have released the beta version of this model applications for the users.

Without having to uninstall the previously installed applications in the phone, the required application could be used whenever required. This helps in smooth and quick running of the smart phones, the one expectation of the smartphone users from their buddy smart phones.

#2. User Developed Applications

Not only winter is coming, but also the user developed apps. Have you ever expected to build or create an application which could be customized? If yes, then you should be happy. The future is here. With the User developed application, anyone can develop and use their own mobile application. The Google’s App Maker comes handy when making an application without being a programmer.

Not a good programmer, never mind. You will need those coding skills for making applications the least. The “low code” or “no code” approaches are very well suited for anyone who have a desire to use an application of one’s own desire. These approach eases the application development processes by the simple drag and drop functions and the ready to start templates. Do we need the developers anymore? 😉

#3. What can I do for you?

Assistants do assist to do things. The Google (Google assistant), the Apple (Siri), the Samsung (Bixby) and the Amazon (Alexa) are all working on the continuous improvement of the smart phone assistants to serve their users with utmost accuracy and precision. These assistants are so good that they use the Artificial Intelligence to help its user with the more accurate and convincing results and service.

The days when people are called nerdy are long gone. Living amidst the personal assistants, we have started examining their intelligence. With the voice commands, these assistants could be activated to get the daily tasks done.

One cool feature being voice assistants detect the user’s voice and only responds to their orders. Almost all basic operations are recognized and taken care of by these assistants and they are logical. Setting the alarm, taking pictures, searching for something over the internet, and a lot of stuffs could be done seamlessly in our smart phones.


#4. Gaming and the User Experience

With the increasing development of the multiplayer focused games, the gamers are one of the happiest folks to exploit the social connectivity and the cloud computing while they game. The Augmented reality was introduced by the launch of the “Pokémon Go” game which was welcomed by almost all the game lovers. These mobile apps development services give the users a complete new experience that they are so immersed into the game and feels it so real. Not only the Pokémon Go, but there are other AR games like iOnRoad and the Sky Siege which takes the gamer to a new dimension of gaming.

The chatbots though born recently, use the Artificial Intelligence to give the person chatting on the other side the needed information. These chatbots are used in the Customer service or Information acquisition to give the customers a better service as the humans can’t be online 24/7. The improvement of these chatbots are always looked upon by their funders like Google, Amazon and Microsoft.

#5. Secure Apps

Unfortunately, the least concentrated domain the security is one of the areas where the application developers will have their eyeballs peeping on to. We are annoyed by some of the permissions requested by the applications installed in our smart phones which aren’t relevant to its function.

Lucky, we are that the mobile application developers will be giving out some more sweat in the improvement of the security. With most applications available in the store not passing the basic security tests, it’s time that the upcoming applications will be safer.

The coming years will be full of surprises and excitement as we are travelling into a new era of the mobile application development. The security and the data not compromised, the development of secure and robust applications should always be welcomed.

The new ideas popping up everywhere, the most unexpected applications will sour the stores and the custom mobile application development service providers will continue entertaining us with their perfect apps. Let’s wait for the good to come.