Future of Mobile Apps and Artificial Intelligence

There is a lot of things happening in the Mobile Application development as well as in one of the fastest developing technology, the Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence is an attempt to mimic the intelligence exhibited by the Human brain into a machine. And we are almost achieving it in various levels, even though it is more complex. Now, are we at the right pace to know what is happening in their development?

future of mobile apps and artificial intelligence

These days, mobile application development is the most important place to concentrate for any company to strengthen their business. Owning a Mobile application which uses Artificial Intelligence will help these firms to reach a lot of audience in lesser time. Implementing the mobile application could be done with the aid of one of the best available mobile application development companies.

Oh wait, it is also advisable to know the current trends while developing the mobile applications. Stated below are some of the trends better if you know them.

Machine Learning vs The Human Brain

As we know most of the tech giants are already into AI and Machine learning, Intel is one among them. Machine learning is a subset of AI and Neural Networks comes under the roof of Machine Learning. The fact that these Neural Networks are like Neurons in our brains, there is close relationship and communication between the biological researchers and the computer science geniuses.

Not a very new information, but we know that MIT and Google have joined hands to develop neural networks which work like the Human brain. Yes, maybe we are lucky as said by the Futurist Ra Kurzweil, who predicted that we will be able to see a Hybrid form of AI which will merge Human brains with the Computer neural networks.

Wow, are Cyborgs coming? (wait what? maybe from my Brain’s perspective)

Fingers crossed.

Smarter Mobile Application development

Implementation of AI into the mobile applications helps us achieve more out of a mobile application. The smart personal assistants, which can help start our day well by postponing the appointments, check the traffic on our way to the office, texting friends if we are busy are more than what we need.

Moreover, the AI in our mobile devices can help suggest the kinds of stuff which we will be interested in like playing our favourite song or to take an Umbrella because it may rain in today’s Forecast. AI has already proved to fix appointments on behalf of the Human.

Yes, we are experiencing smarter mobile applications already which are developed and supported by the mobile application development companies.

Internet of Things (Clever things)

The Internet of things gives life to the stuff which lies in our homes and offices. Connecting them to the Internet, let us control the devices like Fan, lights, the Air Conditioners with the help of our smartphones.

AI enabled smart things, can help control almost everything in our homes and offices. The smart wearables have their own OS which could be either the WatchOS or the WearOS. So, the Mobile application developers should also concentrate to make their Applications compatible with the wearables as well. With the aid of machine learning, these devices can be able to suggest the users some recommendations to improvise their health.

Android Instant Applications

Now we can call the Android user lucky from one point of view. The concept behind the Android Instant Applications is the ability to use an Android application easily without having to install it in our mobile phone devices. These Applications can load seamlessly without having to wait when you are starting a big Application in your mobile device.

The users will have the freedom to just try the application before having to install it on their smartphones. Google also extended its support right from Jelly Bean, as they won’t feel left out. This is also an advantage for the Application developers, as they can make the users to access only a part of the Application.

Not only into the software…!

So, Artificial Intelligence could only mean the software loaded into the hardware? Definitely not!

Intel is already working on the project to bring AI to every doorstep in the world, by building AI proficiencies into its own chips.

There are others who are working on autonomous vehicles like the Google as well as Tesla. We are also aware of the development of the Humanoid robots, which can think and can decide what to do and what not to do. Can be that, some companies are working on Intelligent Drones.

A Glimpse into the Sophistication

There are more applications which help our life easier. Here are some of the AI integrated Applications which help make our life easier.

Hound is like any other Personal Assistants. It uses our voice to take commands, when we are very tired to type them in. It can help us know the weather forecast, find nearby restaurants, or even search the web. Yes, it hasn’t yet fully used its AI capability, but they are yet to come.

Robin is another smart application which comes to our aid when we are driving on the roads. Without even looking into the screen, we can get information on the Parking places available, traffic on our commute home, or weather forecast.

There are also applications like Google Allo, Elsa and a lot more.

What now?

We are aware that AI is about to change our life like never before. We just need to wait for it to fully develop and use the AI with the right sense.

Yes, AI is here.

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