How Does IoT and AI going to Transform The Factories

Fourth industrial revolution encourages the “smart workspace or smart factory”. To attain this, technical advancements like the internet of things, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, cyber-physical systems are incorporated with the existing system. IoT is the first feature to be implemented in the factory setups to collect the vast amount of data interconnected within the machinesRead More

Tips and Ideas to Grow Your Online Business

Online business is a dream to many upcoming small-scale business people. Many customers prefer to purchase things online as they need not step out of their comfort zone. Year by year the sales through online portals increases. Many people go through the web pages not only for direct purchases but also for pre-purchase results. SoRead More

What Makes Your company Good in SaaS Applications?

Software as a service (SaaS ) is a way of delivering applications over the Internet—as a service. As cloud computing gains popularity, SaaS is a successful delivery model as all technologies are web-based. SaaS applications run on a cloud provider’s servers. This service provider manages access to the application, including security, availability, and performance. AdvantagesRead More

Business Transformation- through Custom Applications

Growing business needs results in complex business processes. To make ease of process, custom application development services come into the picture. These services integrate IT technologies and business strategies. There are two types of software available for business people, the one with the fixed business flow (off-shelf-package)and the other, customized application based on the individualRead More

User Interface Design Trends in Application Development

First thing for an application to get attracted is its user interface. The trendy and quality User interface design attracts more people. Their success is determined with its usage levels. These interfaces should be both informative and attractive. User interfaces indirectly act as a marketing strategy and build trust with the users. The main taskRead More

How Does Chatbots Benefits Your Business?

Artificial intelligence is the field of science in which you can make a software code to act intelligently. Good examples for them are pre-programmed robots, autopilots in air navigations and recently chatbots. Chatbots, in simple words, will act as one’s personal assistant in the world of internet. It helps to simplify our search by askingRead More

Importance of Mobile Apps in Healthcare Industry

Mobile applications related to health care helps to bring improvement in patients healthcare. Nowadays healthcare apps help a lot with the doctors, nurses and various other medical staff associated with the hospital. Different sensor communication happening through mobile applications. Mobile application development companies help the doctors have become digitized. It helps to analyze patient, sRead More

How to Become a Good full Stack Developer?

The term Full Stack Web Development can be related to the changing development environment around the world.  In simple terms, a full stack developer must be a person who is able to manage the full development cycle of an application.  It may range from the User Interface Design in the front end to Database ManagementRead More

Future of Mobile Apps and Artificial Intelligence

There is a lot of things happening in the Mobile Application development as well as in one of the fastest developing technology, the Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence is an attempt to mimic the intelligence exhibited by the Human brain into a machine. And we are almost achieving it in various levels, even though it isRead More

CI & DevOps Services in IT Project Development Companies

In DevOps practice, we know that we are using a single version control tool for both development and operation. Each one’s code will be deposited as a master code and the whole team work in parallel. Continuous Integration usually called as CI in DevOps.   The main process includes in CI & DevOps are, MergingRead More