How to Make Your First 5 Sales Through an E-Commerce Site?

E-commerce is wide spread everywhere and there are a lot of new players coming into the market every now and then. This is not a bad time to write about the dos and not dos for an E-commerce website. E-commerce website development is in the peaks as most of the companies want to have their presence online.


make first 5 slaes through e-commerce site


In this time of changing trends, a customized E-commerce portal development service is the one of the most wanted service among software services that are provided. There are a lot of strategies to be followed to succeed in e-commerce.

E-Commerce Portal Development and the Success Strategies

#1. Tell Friends and Family

To start with, the only quickest way to start getting traffic is by referring our e-commerce portal to our friends and family. This is acceptable as, we are very new and wouldn’t have done any optimization for the Search Engines or marketed our portal so vigorously.

If we are gaining visitors to our website, there is a chance that they would like the portal and suggest our e-commerce portal to their friends and family members. This is always one of the best ways to gain traction.

#2. Have a Pre-Sale

Pre-sale is one of the best strategies to gain attention among the masses. By unveiling good deals during the pre-sale will urge many people to just visit and see our website. If the offers are very good and are valid only until the official launch of the e-commerce portal, there will be a lot of traffic visiting our portal just to see if we are selling something they need.

This could also be done very often to keep the traffic flowing in before the launch of some special products in our website. Following this strategy will enable the possible customers to visit our website just to check if there are any presale which is about to happen in the nearing days.

#3. Sending Emails to the Possible Customers

Conventional ways are always one of the ways to do something. A lot of traffic could be attained to our website, if we are targeting the right people to email them our offerings. This process needs some time and money to research the details and background of the customer. But, once done right can bring a lot of customers to our website in a short span of time.

Emails are the best place to contact any business person as they will be checking it daily. Though not all the emails we send would be converted into our customers, this way of marketing our website will help any e-commerce portal get some good clients for our business.

#4. Gain Trust

Gaining and retaining any customers on an e-commerce portal requires trust on the service provider. Any customer will look for factors which can foster trust. These can include online chat for the customer support, a page to tell our story and about us, our work ethics or getting a Trust Mark Certificate.

#5. Exploit Social Media Platforms

It is always better to start a page for our e-commerce business in the Social medias like Facebook and Instagram to showcase our products to our customers. The social media is the best place to get new customers as it is where most people spend their valuable time on. Launching pages and posting the details about our products will help us get closer to our possible customers.

#6. Sponsored Marketing

There are sponsored advertisements in Facebook as well as Instagram. These two being the mostly used Social media among the masses, are the best place to concentrate for any new e-commerce portal. The sponsored advertisements though they could be set for a daily budget or without considering the budget, they provide with good return of investment.

One good advantage of campaigning in Facebook and Instagram is that, it gets the right customer for our sale to happen. Campaigning could be done for both Facebook and Instagram together. So, spending once for two of most used Social Medias is a good investment for an e-commerce portal which is just entering the market.

#7. Set up Google AdWords and SEO

Google is one of the best-known Search Engine so far. To get our initial business, it is also advisable to use a marketing method provided by Google, the AdWords. AdWords helps by showing the advertisements based on the client’s search history. These are found to be more compelling and reliable, thereby bringing in business with the help of the clicks by the clients.

Search Engine Optimization is also one of the best steps to gain traffic into our website. As we said earlier in this blog, this seems to be little secondary need for an e-commerce portal but is one of the must-do steps for a portal in the long run.

#8. Blogging about your Products and Services

Writing a Blog about any specific product or anything which can help your customers is one of the best ways to get visitors for your website. This will help improving the SEO ranking of any website and provides a warming gesture for the visitors.

Writing about the product and the experience will give the clients a good information about the service you provide. Frequent updates about beneficial information, will make the clients visit your website just to read them and their visits may turn on some sales.


There are ways to bring in clients from the web. Retaining them by giving reliable service and support, will make them spread the words so that more visitors will become new customers. No one will reject good service. Be good, serve good.


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