Tips and Ideas to Grow Your Online Business

Online business is a dream to many upcoming small-scale business people. Many customers prefer to purchase things online as they need not step out of their comfort zone. Year by year the sales through online portals increases. Many people go through the web pages not only for direct purchases but also for pre-purchase results. So for the online business to be successful, it’s mandatory to have a successful e-commerce web portal.

grow your online business


Some tips and ideas to promote online growth are,

Attractive and informative web portal

The online business should have a simple, informative, easily navigable and attractive e-commerce web portal. These portals allow the customer to purchase or select the products 24/7. The basic details of the product should be provided even before the customer setup account in the portal. For small-scale businesses, the additional details like shop location, timings, route map and types of product you sell provide the customer improved visibility and trust about your organization or business.

Developing mobile pages

The e-commerce portals should be available to the mobile-based customers. Many people reach their mobile first for pre-purchase researches.  Available solutions like mobile sites, apps, call tools, chatbots, maps, and real-time notifications can reach many people.


Marketing is an important aspect in deciding the business growth. Different types of marketing like email marketing, social network marketing, content marketing, SEO marketing etc. can be used to grow the business. Via social networking, a business could get new customers often. So it’s essential to be updated and to post attractive, growth promoting contents and images in a social network. Via email, offer subscriptions to those of your customers who want to stay informed about updates, sales, special offers or discounts. To be at the top of the search engine, SEO techniques like optimized URL, appropriate keywords and blogs with related content can be used in the e-commerce portal. Feedback reviews provided by the early buyers also acts as a valued marketing element.

Targeting and retargeting

Targeting the audience or finding the customer may be difficult at the first, but with good product quality and timely delivery, one can increase the customer base. Tracking the purchaser’s interest from their previous purchases, related products to the purchase can be shown in the e-commerce portals. Discounts and promotions can be provided to retain the customer.

Remarketing or retargeting also helps in the growth of the e-commerce portal. When a customer leaves a page, the products viewed by him can be displayed to him as an advertisement throughout his web scrolling, could remind him of the product and bring him back to the portal.

Customer Trust

The e-commerce portal development should be designed in such a way for easy and secured transactions. The customer’s personal information and payment information should be secured to gain their confidence. The product delivered should be of good quality and easily returnable when they do not meet the standards. The customer queries should be responded quickly to retain them.

A good e-commerce portal with all the essential features not only helps in the growth but also helps to stay ahead in the competitive business world.