List of Top 5 Payment Gateways for Your E-Commerce Portal

top payment gateways

E-Commerce Web Portal Development

An aggressive development happened for E-commerce industry in India. As the technological advancement, the e-commerce becomes fascinating for entrepreneurs and retailers in India. So there comes the relevance of selecting the top payment gateways for the e-commerce web portal.

E-commerce web portal development has reached a major milestone nowadays. There are some payment gateways which commonly used for most of the e-commerce portals’It all depends on the client requirements. Based on the portal capabilities we have to choose the best payment gateways.

When we are selecting payment gateways we need to consider few parameters based on the web portal they are

  • The annual fee for installation
  • Security
  • The major payment methods available
  • The time required for setting up the gateway
  1. Instamojo Payment Gateway

The main advantage of Instamojo is, it allows collecting payments without using a website also. When someone pays to the merchant using Instamojo a transaction starts. Evey transaction has a nominal fee that will be charged from the corresponding bank. The main features of Instamojo is, it supports international transactions also. Withdrawal fees and settlement days are less. It supports multi-currency too.

  1. PayPal

Paypal is one of the widely used payment gateways. It easy to work up and will get a detailed transaction dashboard. It has fully customizable cart APIs. In PayPal gateway, no cancellation charges so the merchants can easily switch to other.

  1. HDFC Gateway

E-commerce web portal development has gear up the power and potential of e-commerce. HDFC offers a payment gateway by considering all technological infrastructures. It satisfies both businesses to business people and retail customers.

  1. Amazon Payments

Amazon is one of the established names on the web.  Amazon Payments doesn’t have monthly costs. It gives the same checkout experience to the customers as Amazon web page.  Amazon Payments provides a library of standardized payment buttons (and the HTML code snippets to go with them) that you can add to your website. It has its own security features like Amazon proven fraud detection


The has some processing charges. But the main attraction is that it will not re-routed to another website for further processing. It accepts all major cards.

Some payment gateways have monthly charge while others depend on the no of financial transactions. Selecting a payment gateway is also very important in the development of a business. The end result must be the customer satisfaction. It must have a broad customer based service.

E-commerce web portal design and development is a versatile activity that requires proficiency at different levels.    There are many companies which help in e-commerce website development. For long vicinity, the payment gateway will be part of our business.

So we have to spend a quality time for choosing the right one. When we are choosing gateways have to understand the terms and conditions carefully. There must not be any hidden charges which will lead to losing money from the wallet.