Top Six Skills of Mobile App Developers

Top 6 Skills of Mobile App DevelopersMobile app development is a never-ending process as smartphone became an inevitable thing in our day to day life. As smartphones are the clear winner of communication devices, demand for a mobile app developer is at an impressive rate. Nowadays thousands of new apps are uploaded in play store and an upgrade version of each app is released every day.

In order to stand out of the crowd, a mobile app developer has to have some must needed skills. Mobile app development includes technical knowledge, logical thinking and so on. But what are the skills a company will expect from you?? Don’t worry!! We will make that part easy for you. Here are our expert’s suggestions on the top skills required to be a proficient mobile app developer :

1. Cross-Platform Development

To survive in the current IT industry it’s better to have knowledge of multiple operating platforms. We have general platforms for mobile app development:

  • Android
  • Ios
  • Windows

For a victorious mobile app developer, knowledge and ability to work across multiple platforms are necessary. Some common languages for scripting includes JavaScript, TypeScript and even some hybrid platforms like Ionic, Angular and React Native.

2. UI/UX Design Skill

Another important skill when it comes to any application development either web or mobile. Usually, some folks use the terms interchangeably. But both UI/UX are different in their way. UX can be applied to any kind of product/service or experience but UI is specific to digital products and experience.

In simple, UX designer decides how the user interface works while UI developer decides how the interface looks.

3. Modern Programming Languages

The most important skill needed for mobile app development is programming skills. Better to have some experience in basic languages like JavaScript, TypeScript, Angular, React and also certain other programming languages such as Objective C, Swift and C#. Hundreds of new languages are coming each year. we need to keep learning to stay relevant in the industry. There is no minimum qualification or age to be a mobile app developer it’s a mere interest.

4. Business Capability

Nowadays we have so many similar applications for a specific product. To stand out of the crowd we need to show our uniqueness. Appropriate branding and digital marketing techniques to be used to increase visibility. It is important to select one that is not one promises popularity but also in increasing efficiency.

5. Backend Computing

Some other important things to consider by a developer is backend computing. Backend computing includes:

  • Security
  • Database Management
  • Memory allocation implantation
  • The architecture of the application

6.Soft Skills

To beat the competitors’ technical skills alone won’t help us in this era. We need to concentrate on certain soft skills too. A mobile app developer has to show his creativity, innovation, strong interpersonal, oral and written skills.