UC-School Management Software – The Brain Child of Unique Creations Software

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Schools, Don’t They Bring Joy?

Schools bring up a lot of memories. Right from the alphabets in our Kindergarten to the trigonometric formulae in our 12th grade, we relied much on schools. Yet there are some unfortunate circumstances when the education wasn’t as easy as it should have been. Schools are difficult for everyone, for teachers, the students as well as their parents.

Most people believe that the conventional methodology followed in school are the best and shouldn’t be eradicated even though they aren’t very simple and are time and energy consuming. Every innovation collapses all the unproved Myths people carry along on their minds. So, are there any solution to make the system followed in the school more relaxed and simple? Yes, The UC-School.

The Start of a Flagship

Right before the idea to start developing the best school management software in India, UCS (Unique Creations Software) was concentrating on the portal development for a logistics firm. The portal connects all the departments of the system and manages them to run in order without any chaos.

Unique Creations Software, at that time was looking for an opportunity to showcase its capabilities to the IT world. One such opportunity was hidden behind the schooling systems in India which tickled the brains of the founders to do something towards it. The systems in the school are not properly managed and organized. An idea to develop a software which could help the schools stay more productive and systematized just popped up.

Never Give Up

A software which could do the work to stay productive and finish the works with ease is all an education institute wanted. But with least experience to create the software from the scratch, the need to build an agile and robust software pushed our developers to the work for the flagship. There were a lot of possibilities to have different modules or departments which could be monitored and could be modified the way the user wanted. UC-school is an output of the deep exploration into the possibilities, an education management software could probably have.

Everything Safe in the Cloud

Thinking of a way to work from a remote place and yet still can access whatsoever is needed, will lead to cloud computing as the only possible answer. With the security and reliability guaranteed by the web service providers like Amazon web services, Microsoft and other providers, the cloud services are promising. The storage in the servers and using the hosting services from a reliable provider is the new and more efficient way to work. So, UC-school followed its way into being a cloud based software. This helps to keep the users free from data losses.

To have a software connected to a server, there are two-way communications (from the server and to the server probably from connected devices) which should be managed precisely and then processed. Being able to use the cloud professional services, helped UC-school exploit some bonuses when compared to the conventional local management systems.

The frequent data updates could be sent to the server, which is updated in the required devices without much effort and time. The updates given by the teachers in the time table or the exam schedule will be updated on the server and this will be updated on the devices of the parent and students when they are connected to the software.

The Mobile Interface

Everyone in this fluctuating time, own a mobile phone at least in a contract. We are so much connected to our smart phones that we take our mobile phones everywhere and spend all our day with it. A mobile version of the software would be the most welcoming product of any solution provider in these times. UC-school was planned to be released with an accompanying mobile software which could be downloaded for both the android smart phones as well as the iPhones. UC-school is also made available for the tablets and iPads.

The mobile application should be able to show notifications which are triggered from the server, show the updates done on the server, show the different departments and allow the management of each departments. The most important appeal of the UC-school mobile interface is to be simple and easy to use. The mobile devices can also receive SMS from the UC-school server when required or needed.

Customization and Scalability

The UC-School is made having robustness and scalability in mind. The school management software is made out of reusable components which could be altered in the way the user wants it to be based on the need. Working with reusable components helped UCS save a lot of time and effort at times of need and when reaching deadlines. Probably one of the reason to bring UC-school to the market in a short span of time.

The timetable scheduling, the exams, the fees, the transport and all the other school erp system modules can be scaled based on the number of students and the availability of the resources. The UC-school manages all these data in such a way that they are stored and processed in the right way in their respective places. The module management helps the users to choose between the modules and also to manage them.

The UC-school allows the user to make use of the attendance, reports, online enrollment, event management, examination management, report generation and a lot of customizable modules which are built in to meet all the requirements a school can have. Continuously focusing on the shortcomings and also on the ways to improve the existing modules, UCS managed to make a powerful yet user friendly school management software, the UC-school.

A Full-fledged School Solution

The UC-school has a dashboard which displays all the important data. The dashboard helps the user to get a brief information about the happenings. Users could export as well as import the data about the students and other required data. There is also a provision for internal messaging which helps in better communication between the teachers and the parents. All the important data can be backed up at regular intervals.

UC-school encourages automation thereby improving the efficiency of working and reducing the Employee working hours. UC-school is an offering from UCS to enhance the proper functioning of the school as a complete unit.