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uc-school software features


UC-School Software is the best school management software as it contains advanced features which brings the users an outstanding experience while performing their school-related tasks through it. The UC-School software is designed and developed by Unique Creations Software – in such a way that eases the work of the school administrator and the teachers when it comes to handling the irking school management and the teaching-related tasks respectively. Our online school management software system supports and encourages the parents and the students to deeply be involved in the school-related activities than ever before.

Though there are many School ERP software in the market, the distinctive and the useful features in our system make the UC-School software unique and superior one when it compared to others.

The most significant features of the UC-School:

Online Registration:

The UC-online school management software has a separate module for the registration purposes. The online registration feature lets the corresponding users register through the software system for making admission for their son/daughter. The online registration module makes the admission management processes easier for an administrator.

Online Payment:

Paying money through online payment gateway becomes a current trend everywhere. The UC-School software system brings the users a platform where all type of online payment gateway can be integrated with the school management software in order to give the users a comfortable experience during the money transferring process.

Communication System:

A good communication system is a significant one for the better productivity of an entity and it will help to connect the employees at all the level in an organisation.

The UC-School configures a solid and an effective communication platform in order to make the parents, students, teachers and the school administrator be consistently connected with each other all the time. The notion of the UC-School’s Communication system is to increase the working progress and the efficiency of an educational institution and to bring a better understanding among employees on the same.


The dashboard is the face of the UC-School which is designed in such a way that lets the users access all the modules in the software system conveniently and it can be customized by the users as per their wish.

  • User-friendly
  • Customizable
  • Brings a fine Data visualization and Visual interpretation platform for the users

Data Management Facility:

Data are one of the important key factors to move any organization on a progressive path. We, The UC team are more concern about keeping all our customer’s data confidentially. We have developed our UC-School Software in a cloud-based platform which lets the users store unlimited data into the system and it lets them access their respective data which stored in the cloud-based system by using their corresponding credentials.

Third Party Integration:

The UC-School software, the top school management software which lets the significant integrations be integrated with it. Integrations play an important role in successfully running an educational institution and which help an educational institution to improve its operational efficiency to a higher extent. The annoying management works can be easily handled by the administrator using the appropriate integrations and it gives the school management a lot of monetary benefits like saving the working time and reducing paper-based works.

The following integrations can be integrated with the UC-School software system,

  • Biometric Integration
  • Vehicle tracking device
  • Online payment gateway
  • Tally
  • SMS integration
  • Barcode integration

Mobile App:

The UC-School provides highly advanced mobile app facility for the users. It helps the users to do their respective school-related tasks at any time and from anywhere in the world. The parents can make the admission processes for their kids using the UC-school Mobile App and also they can check their children’s admission status, academic and non-academic performance and the leave status through this school management software mobile App.

Apart from parents and students, the UC-School extents its Mobile application facility to the teachers and the school administrator also in order to let them do their respective work at their comfort level.

Course Management Facility:

The UC-School ERP software let the administrator and teachers handle the hectic course management processes effortlessly. It reduces the work of the teachers as well as the work of the school administrator to a higher extent when it comes to handling the course management related works.

Latest updates in the UC-School Software system,

->Transportation Module:

->Admission Module: (Online admission method and Walk-in Admission method)

->Payroll Module

->Google Form Integration