UC-Track – An overview

The world of technology is rapidly changing by the day, with new and innovative developments happening every day. One such revolutionary development, which can greatly impact industries like fleet management, is the emergence of IoT and wearables technology. IoT and wearables are used by such industries to track vehicles using GPS, geo-fencing, checking fuel levels, setting speed limits, sharing location, monitoring the efficiency levels and many such inter-related activities. Many IoT application development companies have taken a lot of effort in developing the best IoT and wearables technology for fleet management purposes.


UC- Track is one such product which uses the best IoT and wearable technology for developing the software as well as the hardware, thereby offering immense benefits to fleet management companies. Fleet management has never been easier, since UC-Track comes together with mind-boggling features like vehicle tracking, location sharing, receiving alerts relating to fuel levels, speed limits, geo-fencing, navigation, reports, dashboard and many more useful features for the purpose of efficient fleet management.

UC-Track’s core features which will prove to be advantageous to fleet management companies include –

1) Integration with GPS technology

UC-Track’s IoT and wearable devices help in tracking the fleet of trucks, cars and all types of vehicles using GPS technology. The features provided by integrating with this technology include live vehicle tracking, navigation, tow-away alerts, idling-time calculation and geo-fencing; all of which enable the fleet management companies to keep an eye on whether the fleet of vehicles reach the particular destination or not.

2) Safety features

Safety of the fleet is a very important aspect of fleet management since the vehicles contain goods which need to be delivered to the concerned person or to a particular place without undergoing any sort of damage. For this purpose, UC-Track has features which will give instant information to the company about low-fuel levels, over speeding, accident alerts, and preventive functional calls.

3) Service reminders

Many times, the fleet managers tend to forget to service their vehicles. This is where IoT enabled UC-Track proves to be of great use to fleet managers, since they can now maintain their fleet of trucks in a proper manner, thereby maintaining proper health of the vehicles.

4) Real-time alerts

UC-track enables the fleet management companies to track their vehicles’ total fuel level, present fuel level, engine speed, coolant temperature, airflow, average speed, mileage and voltage from the place of their convenience. This kind of regular monitoring using UC-Track, which is IoT enabled, ensures that the vehicle in transit is in a proper condition throughout the journey.

5) Maintaining timely reports

With the help of UC-Track’s IoT and wearables technology, various kinds of reports can be prepared like halt report, idling report, ignition on/off report, over speed report, panic report, tracking report and many others. There is also the facility of preparing automated reports, using which the company can easily save the time taken in preparing reports manually.

UC-Track, which is an IoT enabled fleet management wearable product, has been developed by some of the best software developers and hardware manufacturers. This provides an assurance of sorts to the fleet managers, because their vehicles are now managed as well as maintained in a more efficient manner with the help of UC-Track.