Top 5 Reasons Why Mobile Apps Fail and How to Avoid

mobile app failure reasons


There are thousands of apps launching in app stores in a month. But all apps are not clicking in market. The main reason behind this is the quality of functions and features. Before developing an app we have to make sure the requirement of the app. What make their app to stands out in the industry, before going for mobile app development we want to make sure some properties.

Mobile App Failure Reasons

o    Requirement analysis and market  study

o    Lack of proper UI design

o    Too many features

o    Unplanned mobile application development strategy

o    Poor quality assurance and testing practices.

1. Requirement Analysis and Market Study Fail

Introducing a new app to the market is an iterative process. As a first step we have to create a prototype. This process has to continue till to achieve the main goal. If it’s a client based project we have to understand the client requirements and expectations. If its developing as a freelancing have to study about market. What exactly the user needs, what features usually expect from this kind of apps. For that first we have to develop a minimum variable product which include the core functionality. Later we can establish  other functionalities  as app updates.

2. Lack of Proper UI design

A mobile application must have a devasting look and feel to improve the efficiency of user experience and user interface design. While at the initial stage itself UI/UX design need to take in consideration. Mobile applications which developed without considering UI/UX   at initial stage leads to failure to attract users. For that primary  thing we have to consider  is the navigation of the app. It never be complex for users. By seeing the app itself they could identify the navigation also. Then the app will be user friendly.

3. Too Many Features

Being self assured during the design process brings value in the mobile application development. It keeps the application user-friendly convenient and manageable. The fact is the app stores are oversaturated with same apps. For example, the apps like Uber and Airbnb  becomes successful  because of its strong value proposition.

 4. Unplanned Mobile Application Development Strategy

A corporate  and freelancer customer has different views. So following the basic structure and  features we can build an app for convincing both customers. We need to do is some simple changes in the UI . For that we need to know the user requirements. Unplanned features adding at final stages of app development cause product failure. That time the navigation will not be smooth. Some unpredictable bugs may come which will affect the app performance . The app size, loading time and data transfer will be minimum. We know that the mobile phone using population has a tremendous growth in past few years. So there is a lot of mobile application development technological advances happening in India.

5. Lack of Proper Testing

During mobile application development, proper testing of the app very much required. Then only will get clear idea about how the app behaves in different screen sizes and different OS. These all could identify only through proper testing. While adding more feature it never affect the existing features. So when app updates happening that time also there is a need for proper testing.

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