Cloud Services

Small, Medium and Large enterprises are compelled to use IT services & solutions for staying ahead of its competition, as the use of IT help them become more efficient and profitable. These small, medium and large enterprises are constrained by the resources and the investments they need to make the best use of IT. We provide consulting to such of those enterprises for using Cloud computing with absolutely no capital cost and with a meagre operational cost, by enabling hosted infrastructure over the internet on a pay as you use model.

Cloud professional services are broadly divided into cloud based consulting services including training and education services, assessment and advisory services, and risk evaluation services. System and network integration services including cloud application design and development services, cloud migration and up gradation services, application load and performance testing services, cloud expansion and bridging services. And deployment and support services including application monitoring, management and optimisation services, data backup and recovery services, network and storage security services and compliance and security management services.

  • UCS cloud professional service offerings are consulting services, system and network integration services, and deployment and support services.
  • Service models are Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), and Infrastructureas- a-Service (IaaS).
  • Deployment models are private cloud, public cloud, and hybrid cloud.
  • Verticals are banking and financial services, insurance, public sector and utilities, transportation, healthcare, telecommunication and IT, education, retail, manufacturing, and others.
  • And the regions are North America (NA), Europe, Latin America (LA), Asia-Pacific (APAC), and Middle East and Africa (MEA).

Why UCS?

With our proven expertise, our AWS Certified Professionals are determined to give you satisfactory answers and resolutions for all your concerns related to AWS cost management service.

  • 66 percent find it challenging to track cloud consumption for cost allocations.
  • Only 25 percent can align IT costs with consumption.
  • Reducing costs and improving IT efficiency are the leading desired benefits of the cloud.

AWS promises highly secure and seamless deployment or migration of your traditional applications by enabling you with cutting-edge cost management. It can help you monetise your business if you are smart enough to utilise its revolutionary capabilities.

To reap its real benefits, you need to strategies your efforts with advanced planning and preparation. Here are the 5 essential components that every organisation like yours should consider to achieve effective cloud cost management:

Discuss Critical Subjects with your cloud provider

So as to ensure you get clarity on resource management, utilisation, and spending.

Strategies AWS Tagging

Your cloud architects will understand this and guide you what exactly it is and how it works.

Identify Scopes for AWS Resources

List out AWS applications and resources that are needed to be accounted for.

Make use of the Show backs and Chargebacks

Assign the responsibility to collect usage based reports for environment, location and application.

Consider Regular Adjustment for Optimisation

Check out keys and values on a regular basis to identify non-standard use cases to consider to ensure your reports are accurate.The time to consider AWS, the top-ranking IaaS provider for your business is now! But, we know that like any other business, you are also concerned about ensuring cloud security well before taking the plunge.

Key cloud security concerns
  • How can the key file changes be monitored?
  • Can one be assured of getting timely notifications in case of any anomalies?
  • How to control who all have the access to which all applications and when.

With data getting more complex day by day, it makes perfect sense to plan for security well before moving to the cloud.

Cloud security measures that your business must take
  • Plan your security strategy before setting up the tools & controls
  • Consider embedding security at host level, & not just network level for enhanced visibility
  • Collaborate & communicate more effectively with your cloud providers to ensure security
  • Define the user role and responsibilities more clearly to take fair action in case of anomaly

There is no doubt anymore about the business efficiency and performance, cloud can bring to your business. Also, AWS has proven its worth as a stable cloud partner over the years.