E-Commerce offers the amazing benefit of making buying and selling products and services of the internet. And E-Commerce portals act as a gateway for people across the globe to make these transactions at the click of button. E-Commerce portals offer people and businesses to sell and purchase a host of products or services through the internet along with offering the various other features of a portal.

There are mainly two types of Commerce Portals:

  • Business to Business E-Commerce portals(B2B)
  • Business to Customer(B2C).

Business to business portals is the exchange of products or services in the Internet between businesses rather than between businesses and consumers. B2B is companies buying from and selling to each other online. B2C Model - Business to Consumer is the online selling of products or services by a company to a consumer for his/her own use. It refers to the selling or buying of products and services through the Internet from web retailers to web customers. B2C E-Commerce portals are a great way to promote brand and products. It allows consumers to have a better understanding of the product with information on the product, price tags, pictures, consumer reviews, etc.

Our E-Commerce solution includes,
  • Inventory Management
  • Payment integration
  • Shipping Integration
  • State of the art technology
  • Store Management
  • Data insights & Analytics
  • Marketing & Expansion
  • Ecommerce support


Unlimited product listing

List as many products as you wish to create a comprehensive catalog on your online store. There are no restrictions and no additional charges.

Multiple image upload

You can showcase products in your catalog optimally to customers by having up to 4 product images per listing.

List product options

Within product listing, indicate the different product options available such as variations in color, size, weight, etc, so you can sell better to your customers.

Catalog organisation

Organize products in your catalog by different categories and sub-categories to suit your business needs. Sort & manipulate the product catalog based on the category names.

Central inventory

Manage your catalog across multiple sales channels from just one place. Simply update the primary inventory table of your online store for automatic catalog updates everywhere.


Integrated payment gateway

Accept immediate payments at your online store with integrated payment gateway. Customers can pay by credit card, debit card, Paypal or opt for COD (cash on delivery)

Reputed payment partners

Partner with leading payment solutions providers - PayPal (both domestic and international payments) - who will ensure that the payments are verified and secure.

Secure online store

Offer a secure online store to customers to encourage worry free shopping. Free SSL certification and our PCI DSS compliance ensures encryption of information and credit card data transactions.

Tax computation

Indiacate and charge the appropriate taxes on the goods and services you sell online so that your online business is tax compliant at all times


Integrated Shipping & Logistics

Offer delivery solutions to your customers at the point of purchase on your online store and secure the sales.

Multiple delivery solutions

Engage with a variety of shipping and logistics partners to get both domestic and international shipping services.

Preferential rates

Enjoy pre-negotiated shipping rates with the logistics partners and get better savings each time.


SEO friendly store

Make your store discoverable online for customers who use search engines. Built in capabilities for SEO allow you to write your desired search descriptors and meta tags without needing coding knowledge.

Online hosting

Take the stress out of hosting your online store with our cloud based, multiple server hosting facility. Benefits include a quick downloading store which is accessible always and regular data back up.


Customer profile

Understand and organise your customers better by using the customer profile database which captures data on order history, location, contact information, etc.

Guest check outs

Accommodate the store visitors who wish to do guest checkouts so that all potential sales are captured online.

Order notification

Receive automated order notification via email to ensure prompt order fulfilment and customer service

Single panel management

Keep track of all relevant order information such as payment status, shipment status, and more through a single panel.

Refund facility

Enable partial or full refunds to customers. The inventory is updated automatically to reflect such transactions.



Our comprehensive Dahsboard shares relevant data insights such as top selling products in your online store and sales trends by period. Use this actionable information to plan your inventory and business growth intelligently.

Google Analytics

Link your Google analytics account with your online store to understand the visitor traffic data and target your customers better.


Discount engines

Create multiple discount options such as price offs, coupons, etc to encourage more sales on your store.

Promotion tools

Build different types of promotions such as bundling and other offers to market your products better to customers.

Viral marketing

Customers can instantly share items from your online store onto their social media pages, giving your store higher visibility and viral marketing benefits.

Social media share

The online store’s domain link can be shared on all your social media pages such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more, to drive more customer traffic from social media platforms.

Database marketing

Use direct messaging services such as SMS and WhatsApp to share your online store’s domain as a link and market directly to your own customer data base.

Multiple sales channels

List your product catalogue in a single click on multiple market places (Amazon & eBay) and social selling channels (Facebook store). Reach more customers without duplicating the listing effort manifold.


Expert support

Get free ecommerce consultation from UC-Shoppe experts for guidance on setting up your online store and to manage the store.

Extensive resources

Use our Resources and FAQs to know everything about the features and functions available to set up and operate the store at your own pace.

Omni channel contact

Updates and support via multiple communication channels and social media platforms keeps us connected always.