UC-Shoppe provides a professional and reliable foundation with which you can successfully build an online store. We help in establishing your brand online with a custom domain name.

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Benefits of UC-Shoppe

UC-Shoppe offers the amazing benefit of facilitating the buying and selling of products and services online.

Product Catalogue

The product catalogue comprises of all the information needed to present any product to the customer in order to complete a sales transaction online. Information to be included in the product database generally includes the price, identification number (SKU), image or other multimedia information, product options or choices.

Product Options and attributes

Options are the different choices of a particular product such as colour, size, fabric and brand. These can be used alongside additions to create a much more complex product to provide the customers a flexibility of choice.

Attributes are useful pieces of information which helps the customer in deciding whether the product is the right choice for them or not.

Product Review

Product reviews are used on shopping sites to give customers an opportunity to rate and give their feedback on products they have purchased, on the page where the product is displayed.

Such product reviews help the other customers in getting information about the product before its purchase.

Catalog Organisation

Organize products in your catalogue by different categories and sub-categories to suit your business needs.

Sort and control the product catalogue based on the category names.

Registration Management

Provide registered users with access to easily see and edit account and profile information, view orders, manage passwords, adjust shipping addresses, and maintain wish lists.

Order Management

Order management includes steps from lead generation all the way through to revenue. You can view and act upon order placement, order processing, shipment tracking, delivery and customer feedback against each product.

Specials and Promotions

Facility to create/avail coupon codes, exclusive offers, deals & discounts.

Each Customer Group can have its own discounting models to match your business logic.

Shopping Cart

Single click checkout, multiple payment methods, Cash-on-Delivery (COD) & wishlist

Language and currency

Multi-region, multi-currency features with internationalization options.

Compatible with real-time payment gateways.

Our shopping cart software is compatible with the leading merchant account providers so processing payments is easy and seamless

Shipping Method Integration

Shipping service rate calculation is handled by an user interface through rules and it’s backed up by an API. So that it can give you a high level of flexibility to implement simple or complex shipping scenarios.

Website analytics and reporting features

Can help you keep track of your sales, pages viewed by customers, referring sites and keywords customers use to find your product.

Customer Profile

Understand and organise your customers better by using the customer profile database which captures data on order history.

Order Notification

Receive automated order notification via email to ensure prompt order fulfilment and customer service

Guest Check Outs

Accommodate the store visitors who wish to do guest checkouts so that all potential sales are captured online.

Refund Facilitys

Enable partial or full refunds to customers. The inventory is updated automatically to reflect such transactions.

Platform Features

UC-Shoppe provides some of the best features which facilitate the growth of your business on the online platform.

Customised Reports

Reports provide you the full information of your business like product sales summary, customer order summery, and sales report.

Ready for mobile and multiple devices

UC-Shoppe supports publishing for multiple mobile devices. It automatically detects the visitor’s device and presents the content in the best format.

Site search increases sales

Sophisticated search capabilities with advanced filters, upselling and cross-selling functions, are available for better user experience and higher sales.

Product Information Management

Product Information Management gives you full control over product images, specs, reviews, ratings, search tools, rich ecommerce type product taxonomies.

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